Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dead On Arrival- Postmortem Series: The Prologue Decisions

Your decisions will be discussed and the alternative paths not chosen will be revealed in a small summary. 

Prologue Decisions

Matthew & Nathan Prologue Decision
“Country home or city?”
You chose City! City won with 5 votes.  Country loss with 3 votes.

Choosing city has it’s pros and it’s cons. The city may turn out to be more dangerous as they will encounter more of the dead and people. Keeping up communication with the living may also be healthy mentally for these two. More stores means more resources too.

If you had chose country….

Going back home to the less populated country has it’s pro and cons as well. A little peace and quiet in the apocalypse is always welcomed. Less people to deal with and less of the dead. 

Dealing with the death of their sister and their parents at home where it all began would have caused them a bit more stress than needed though.
The already scarred Matthew would have became even more withdrawn in the less populated country. Matthew fixation with saving humanity would have turn morbid with plenty of the dead and less of the living to “cure”.

So did you choose well? Yes and no. No decision is clear cut, but you chose well considering their improved mentality in the city. Surviving in the city may be more dangerous though, but we’ll see. 

Audrey Prologue Decision
Head out to the Safe Zone with the soldiers or go to Uncle’s doom day bunker?
You chose the Bunker! Bunker won with 9 votes while Safe Zone got a respectable 6 votes.

Choosing the bunker was the safer route, but it wasn’t the wisest when it came to finding her dad. Being around more people at the safe zone meant she had more of a chance. Her odds of finding him are decreased now, but don’t fret. 

She is safer at her dear uncle’s bunker, but finding him dead with his head blown off did not nothing for her mentally. Especially since it appears he shot himself. Much like Matthew she is scarred and traumatized. Unlike Matthew, she much more isolated and withdrawn all alone in the bunker.

She does have food and shelter. She is the safest and most well fed out of all our survivors…for now. She also has learned a lot of different skills on the road to her uncle’s place, but like Vince she’s deep in the country and she will need to watch her back. The dead and the unsavory are lurking.

If you had chose the safe zone….

You would have ended up with the soldiers and plenty of company. You would also have shelter and food, but your freedom may have came at a cost. Rules, curfews, and dealing with those soldiers may have proved more trouble than it’s worth. On the bright side, finding dear old dad may have been easier with plenty of eyes, ears, and people around.
So did you choose well? Again yes and no.  Audrey is safe, well fed, more skilled and free to do what she pleases by being at the bunker. Unfortunately, she is also suffering more mentally as the isolation has caused her to be more withdrawn. Seeing her uncle corpse has caused her to be a bit numb as well, but maybe she can recover. She is a lot tougher for it at least.  She will need to be careful as danger is lurking in the forest where she’s living.

Vince Prologue Decision
“Should I let this asshole die or should I save him? What to do?”
You chose to let him live! “Save him” won with 15 votes while “let him die” only got 6 votes! 6 of you are so heartless! LOL! JK!

Well Officer David thanks you brave 15 for saving his life. You chose wisely! Saving David earned Vince a new friend and comrade. He might be a total douche for framing him, but he’s a good shooter and surviving is all part of his job (well sorta).
The only negative with this choice is Mark. Let’s just say he was less than pleased with your decision. Vince disregarding his choice on the manner really rubbed him the wrong way. He doesn’t like cops. Especially corrupts ones. The group may become divided if Mark and David can’t let bygones be bygones.

If you had chose “let him die”….

Well David would have died a horrible death. Eaten alive by the dead.
And Vince would have felt a tremendous amount of guilt for letting him die. Vince is a fair guy and seeing an unnecessary death he could have prevented would have totally haunted him. David’s screams alone would have gave him nightmares. The only positive is Mark would have been happy.
So did you choose well? Yes, you did for Vince’s sake. He’s the best off mentally out of all the survivors. He also has the company of David and Mark. Now he may get a little less food with an extra mouth to feed, but he’s got an extra pair of eyes to watch his back. The only thing he has to worry about is how loyal those extra pair of eyes are. Can David be trusted? Can Mark even be trusted now? Time will tell.

P.S. I felt like this was the perfect excuse to show the exact moment Vince saved David. :P

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