Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dead On Arrival: Prologue- Audrey

“Holy shit! What time is it?” I found myself saying as I wiped sleep from my eyes. I had slept over my best friend’s house after yet another fight with my dad and his evil wife. We argued about the same stupid thing. Money, moving, and video games. Like a broken record. It was annoying as hell. 
“Wake up sleepy head.” I said throwing my pillow at her. She didn’t move. “Well dibs on the bathroom. Sleep away loser.” I continued sticking my tongue out.

I was sure she would move then, but she remained still as ever. I didn’t bother her anymore after that. She had been ill lately, so maybe she was sleeping it off. Either that or she was still hungover from the night before. I didn’t waste much time thinking about it. I had to hurry and get home before my parents noticed I snuck out again. I swear I’m in my 20′s, but they still treat me like a child!

So I took a piss, made sense of my hair, and hurried back to the room to put my jeans on. That’s when I saw Naomi was up.

“Finally you’re up. About damn time dummy.” I said giggling watching her from the door way. She took one look at me with a glazed expression and she made the most awful shrieking sound.
“Naomi? Watching too many zombie movies have we? Take that crap off and stop joking around. I gotta go.”

She shrieked again staring right at me and then she moved towards me in a slow gait. I stared at her trying to make sense of the behavior, but my instincts seem to kick in immediately as I watch blood trickle down from her nose and eyes. I backed away quickly and slammed the door in her face. I listened as she bumped into it and began scratching at it.

“This is a joke right?” I yelled half frightened and half hopeful.

She didn’t answer.

“Well uncle did warn me of this one day, but this is only suppose to happen in the movies!”

I stood there holding on to the door trying to figure out my next move. Then I finally let it go and ran down the hallway to the stairs. When I reached the bottom I ran into the kitchen hoping to see Naomi’s mom alive and well, but I was too late to save her. She was also “zombiefied” 
I screamed and grabbed the nearest thing. A frying pan. I struck her with it, but the blow seem to just anger her more. 
I dodged and ducked running into the living room moving towards the front door.

“Shit!” I mumbled when I turned the knob. Only Naomi and her mom had the key to let me out. I cursed under my breath as mom came towards me. I looked over at the fireplace and made a run for what was on the manor. A katana sword sat above the fireplace. Their family heirloom. I grabbed it and took the blade out. 
Then I swung it at her splitting her open. I gagged and turned around just in time to Naomi. I swung again missing her and then I rammed the blade into her head. Our eyes met for a brief second before she collapsed to the floor. 
I cried out as tears fell from my eyes. I took the sword out of her head and lifted again the blade striking my best friend’s mom putting her out of her misery.
I grabbed the keys from her robe pocket and let myself out. It was a bit chilly as I was quickly reminded I was still in my underwear, but I didn’t have the heart to go back for my clothes. I couldn’t look at their bodies. I just couldn’t. So I made my way across the street to my house. The streets were eerily empty. No corpses or humans. “Is this the apocalypse or am I dreaming? I wondered. Nothing seem real anymore.

I made it to the front door and into the hallway. The crimson red of blood met my eyes as I looked down at the floor. I shivered thinking of my family and started to call out for them when I heard voices. I hid in the closet near by and listened as the voices came closer. Then I saw they were soldiers.

I remained quiet as they talked, but something else caught my eye. My step-mom coming towards them bloody and dead. She reached out for them moaning, but then stopped as if something else caught her attention. She turned around and started walking towards the closet! I ready my blade trying to remain calm. As I got ready to strike gunshots rung out and she fell right in front of the door.

“Damn nice shot!” one of the soldiers said.

“Hell yeah. The bitch went down hard!” his comrade answered back.”But it’s too bad cutie here was a zomb. Looks like she was a good piece of ass” the other one joked crudely. They both laughed.

I shook my head. “Great! These’s no way I’m trusting these shitheads!”

“I think this neighborhood is clear of the living. Just got one more house to check. We’re probably find that girl that guy was talking about. Andrea? Arty? Whatever…probably dead anyway.”

“Dad?! He’s alive?” I thought feeling waves of relief and shock.

“Get ready to head out to the safe zone men!” another voice yelled from outside.
Well this is unexpected! I’ve seen enough movies to know that places like the “Safe zone” never stay safe for long, but what if dad is there? No dad’s not stupid. He would head south to my uncle’s doom day bunker. Crazy old fart, but he predicted this crap! Hmmm….I guess I should get some pants first before I decide.”

Decision: Head out to the Safe Zone with the soldiers or go to Uncle’s doom day bunker?

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  1. I believe I'm the only one with this opinion, but I really think she should go to the Safe Zone. I know it's probably not the safest choice, but from the way those soldiers were talking, I believe they have information about her father. If it was me, that would be more important than anything else. Besides, if that's not the case, she can always run and go to the bunker at another time.

  2. Damn, Audrey don't play around! :o
    On another note, both in your modeling pictures and stories, I've always been in awe of the way you can capture such emotion in your sims faces. It's an art!


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