Saturday, May 28, 2016

International Glamour - Assignment 1

New comp. New model. On a new forum. Her name is Noni Eze. She's from Nigeria.

5th Place
Ugh...this photo was a pain in butt, so 5th is a relief. lol


Excellent quality here! I am in awe of the quality of the plants and the fact that that unusual jumpsuit looks so crisp and clean! The pose is definitely unusual lol it works for this assignment – except for Noni’s face. She looks a little like she’s caught off-balance and going to fall over lol I would have liked a smirk or a fiercer look in her eye. The bit of sand swirling at her feet was a nice touch!


LOVE. The red just draws me in. It is so vibrant, and I feel like you chose a pretty creative location!! I feel like you nailed the high-fashion abstract pose, yet this still looks effortless for her, like she does this often XD. I like the hair, but did you add strands flowing? And on the bottom, was this sand blowing in the wind, or an accidental smudge? If this was, next time, make it more pronounced to look on purpose. I do not think the shadow from the bird was necessary, if this was from the bird we see, his shadow wouldn’t be visible, based on the position of the other shadows, so this would have to be from another bird, it just seemed unnecessary. One thing I did notice, and was minor because of the color, but the leggings broke a bit, from the extreme pose, and you can see skin showing through. Very easily fixed with the clone tool. (message me and I can show ya!)

I improved my quality with a trick I learned searching tumblr for tips. My screen is ridiculously wide, so I learned that taking pics sideways makes for better quality pics for me. So like this...
Then I just turned it around. This is unedited and blogger f'd it up so ignore the quality of this one. Just an example. 

Anyway, this photo was a pain in the butt for other reasons. For one I needed an abstract pose, so I had to make my own. I could have looked for one, but meh not many choices. Then I had to pick clothes that didn't look wonky with the pose. Then I needed a good setting and light for her skin tone. I also needed high fashion hair. Ahhhhhgh! 

I wasn't entirely happy with the final results, but it turned out better than I thought as I descended into hopelessness. xD

Now that I look at the unedit version, the added bird shadow does look stupid especially with the other bird in the back. Oh well.  :P

The next assignment is asking for an alluring close up shot. I did it yesterday and it's almost what I envisioned, so I'm pretty happy about it. I posted it on tumblr, so have a look if you want. Hopefully the judges like it. :)

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