Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dead On Arrival: Prologue- Vince

“This is utter bullshit! I didn’t do anything!” That’s all I could say as they cuffed me. It was all a manner of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ve stolen cars and cash, but I’m no murderer! I ain’t kill nobody. If it wasn’t for that corrupt asshole of a cop I would be home with my girl and my kid right about now. 

“Hey get your ass up boy and stop daydreaming! We’re here.” the man chained to me said. I think his name is Mark. Yeah that’s it.
We were booked, searched, and thrown in our cages with no time to spare. The thought of spending my life in this hell hole made me wish I was dead. That cop should have shot me! Well at least my cellmate isn’t that asshole I was chained to.

Speaking of cell mates…. 
*cough cough*

“Well who the hell are you? You look like shit!”
“The name’s Gunner. I feel like shit. And who the hell are you?“ 

"The name’s Vince. You got the flu or something?”

“Nah man. I don’t know what this is…. it’s…it’s killing me.” he said barely able to speak. 

“Well keep that to yourself man. I ain’t about to get that.”

The man look like he was knocking on death’s door. Pale, bloodshot eyes, and the gambit. I stayed close to the bars just to get away from him. Eventually I fell asleep on my bunk after lunch. The guards dropped Gunner off after a trip at the infirmary sometime during the night. It was hard to sleep in place like this, but the sick dude really had me on edge. When morning came I was feeling like crap, but spending a night in the pen would do that to anyone I guess. 

“Hey Gunner my boy. You feel better? Gunner?”
Silence. I got up from my bunk wondering if the guy was still asleep or dead. I stood over him surveying him. He skin seem even paler and blood streaked his pillow. “Was he dead?” I wondered to myself. Then the guy started groaning. 

“Hey man you alright?”

His eyes popped open, but his eyes had rolled in the back of his head and blood dripped from them. He looked dead. Then he looked at me and began walking towards me. 

“Guard? Guard?! Gunner’s sick…..something wrong with him…..HELP!” I screamed and screamed while I fought off Gunner. He pushed me up against the bars biting at me. I pushed him away long enough to make my escape to the other side of the cell all while screaming for the guard. Finally their lazy asses came.
“Hey cut that out you two!” one of them said laughing under his breath. “Don’t make me come in there.”

“Yeah quit playing around guys.” the other guard shouted. 

Gunner’s attention seemed to shift then. He walked over to the guards slowly as one of them leaned on the bars. As the guard tuned his head to talk to his co-worker, Gunner bit right into his arm.
The guard fell to the floor thrashing around in pain while the other guard got out his taser. I didn’t stay around long enough to watch, because all hell seem to break loose then around the jail and I made a break for it with the injured guard’s keys. Whatever this virus was was making it’s way through the prison.
When I got outside, I ran right into a sick prison guard. She was like Gunner, but worse. Her skin had wounds all over it and she smelled like a corpse. She cornered me reaching out for me. I fell trying to get away from her. Then as she came closer biting at my hands and feet, I heard a gunshot.
I looked up. The guy I was chained to stood before me. Mark. He smiled and threw me a gun. “Time to get out of here. The dead are walking and the shit has officially hit the fan!” he said sounding pretty freaking happy considering.

I just smiled and nodded thanking my lucky stars he had showed up. The dead chick was pretty strong for being dead and all. 

We made our way around the corner towards what Mark called “the perfect exit” till we heard another familiar voice. 

“Stop right there!”

I looked over to see the same damn cop who arrested me pointing his gun at us. I looked over at my new “friend” and he mouthed the words “Get rid of him.” I looked over at the cop again and I could see the dead right behind him reaching out to get a taste.

Completely oblivious he kept on talking. “I don’t know what’s going on, but there’s no escaping on my watch.”
Decision. Decisions. Should I let this asshole die or should I save him? What to do?

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All your previous decisions and this one will play out in the next chapters. 

Credits: Check out Cyclonesue’s Bracemoor Medium Security Jail.

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