Friday, October 21, 2016

International Glamour - A9 Scores (Semi-finale)

1st Place
Noni Eze of Nigeria
I love this pic so much. <3

Picture Beech
Noni is rocking that elegant gown. I love how you were able to maintain the sparkles even though this is black and white. The pops of light really helped make this appear enchanting and stunning. Noni looks elegant, beautiful, graceful, and seriously glamorous. That pose was a perfect choice as well – her eye contact = Love!!

I love this picture, she looks very classy and I like the way she's interacting with the microphone and I like the way you've used light on her jewellery. Nice work.

This was actually last minute, but I knew what I wanted to do and it only took a few minutes. I think the setting was hardest part, because I wanted it to look like it was in a smokey night club. Thankfully the b&w really brought out that vibe.

I edited the diamonds on her neck and wrist on afterwards. Added a shine to them. Then I just worked lighting, contrast, and played with tone of different objects in the photo. The b&w requirement really saved me some time, because I didn't have to worry too much about recoloring stuff just right. xD

I did edit the ceiling and of course the window outside. The ceiling in-game was ugly as hell. Then I had a glitch with a wall outside not deleting, so lighting was slightly off. Ugh it was annoying, but I was determined and I made it work. Compared to previous pics, it was a piece of cake tho.

The next assignment was to do lingerie and I suck at that. I already did as it's been awhile, but I'm nervous about it. Not sure if they'll going like it or not. I'm happy with either place since it's the finale. >_>

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