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Dead on Arrival: Chapter 2- Among Monsters (Part 1 of 2)

Warning: This story is rated R for cursing and violence, so beware. lol 

Chapter 2: Among Monsters (Part 1 of 2)
For the first time in months I was fast asleep. Something that was rare to come by nowadays. I don’t even remember the last time I slept this well. I can’t even recall the last time I slept in a warm bed. The jail seem like a luxury hotel now that I was out in the woods with flesh eating corpses walking around. Unfortunately my little nap didn’t last long.

“Hey. Stopping fucking around..” I could hear a voice yell. “I didn’t steal shit you…" 

“Yeah right. So did those empty themselves?” I heard another retort back.
“Shut the…!”

“Hey shut the hell up you idiots! Can a dude get some sleep?!” I screamed. “It’s enough I’m waken by the dead and I got you two jokers arguing alerting every fucker around!!!”

“Oh Vince. I’m sorry man.” Mark said sitting across from me near the fire. 

“I’m sorry too.” David, the cop chimed in sitting down next to me. 
Two months had passed and I had some how survived with these two idiots by my side. Saving the cop wasn’t an entirely bad idea, but Mark wasn’t too thrilled about my decision. Him and cop boy, David fight every morning. Hell even at night. I can barely take it sometimes. I’ve thought about leaving them, but in a world like this I can’t risk it. Just being alone in this shitstorm would drive a man nuts.

“I told you I didn’t do shit cop boy! Ani’t that right, Vince? Are you listening to me, Vince?”

“Yeah yeah yeah. I’m listening.” I mumbled. “I didn’t count the cans, so I don’t know who stole what. Doesn’t really matter since the shit ain’t in my stomach right now. We need to go out and get some more food I guess.”

“Count me in. Don’t know anything being a city boy and all, but I can learn. Plus I need to get away from him,” Mark said eyeing David. 

David frowned and raised his hand. “Well I use to hunt and fish with my father, so I think I can be a little more useful”, he said smirking. “We could hunt or fish in the near by creek.”

“Then Dave, you’re coming with me.”

“Heh so that’s how it is? Well you two have fun skipping into the sunset. I’ll be here guarding what’s left of the food.” Mark said leaning back on a tree.

“You mean eating what’s left?” David scoffed. 

“What you say?!”

I grabbed Dave by the arm and hurried away from Mark. I didn’t dare look back. It was funny. Just a few months ago I would have happily let dude get his ass kicked, but things were different now. We were a team now just trying to survive.

“So why you save me?” Dave said breaking the silence after walking for some time.
“Because I ani’t feel like getting wrongly accused of your murder, man.” I laughed before getting more serious. “I don’t like to see people dying despite what you believe.”

Dave said nothing. He just looked down as we walked. "So you think you ever see your family again?,” he asked looking up.

“Yeah. I haven’t given up.”

“Mark thinks you’re chasing ghost.”

“Well let him think that. Let him.”

We walked till we reached a creek. Fishing seemed a lot more safer considering we only had a loud handgun that could literally wake the dead. We were lucky to have a fishing pole. 

We set at the creek for quite some time. It was sorta peaceful as we exchanged little words. 

“Are the fish biting?”

“No. The dead are biting though,” Dave pointed in the direction of one of the dead.

“I’ll get it.” I groaned watching the thing hobble over to us. I grabbed my machete, pushed it away from the water, and stabbed it in the head nonchalantly. 
Then another one came out the bushes snarling and felt right into water busting it’s head open on a rock.

“Well there goes my appetite for fish”, Dave grimaced.
“What you mean? Fish and brains not your cup of tea?” I joked. “Well shit look like we going have find something else.”

We walked down the path away from the creek hoping to run into a deer or some rabbits. Shooting a gun was risky with dead walking, but we would just have to deal with it. We walked further as the path disappeared into deep grass and more forest. The birds chirped and leaves fell as if the world hadn’t changed. Then we saw bodies sprawled about and smoke from a dying fire. We had walked into a camp or what was left of one. A man sitting by a tree called out to us. He was barely alive choking on blood as he called out. “Help me.” he said.
“What happen? Are you bit?” Dave said inching closer to him.

“I’ve…I’ve…I’ve been shot.”

"Shot? By who?” Dave asked looking bewildered, but the man said nothing as he slumped over. “Who?!”

“He’s dead, Dave.” I said bending down to look closer. “Full of holes too. Matter of fact this whole place is full of holes.” 
We looked around. Everything was riddled with bullet holes. Tents, trees, everything in sight. Blood streaked some places.

“I think we need to get out of here.” David whispered looking horrified. “What are you doing?”

“There’s can food here,” I said as I searched the camp.

“Are you crazy?! Leave it!” Dave shrieked. “Plus it’s stealing.”

“Hey Officer Obvious, he obviously doesn’t he needs it anymore and quit the cop act already! We need this food. Do you really want to spend the night with hungry Mark? I could just hear him now bitching.”

“Well obviously someone coming back. Maybe more of the man’s group. Hell maybe whoever did this. Maybe they’ll come back and finish the job!” he shirked.

“Or it’s a trap.” I said frowning.

“So let’s go while we got the chance!” David pleaded.
“So what to do? Sundown is coming and we’re running out of time, so do we take the food or leave it?”

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