Thursday, July 7, 2016

Where's your opinion on BLM now?

This is a sensitive topic with real people and lost lives. Don't read it if you tired of it seeing it or don't want to touch it with 10 foot pole. I understand. I don't even like going into politics on this blog and I wasn't going mention a certain blog, but my point and many other people's point are being proven lately. 

This is one of the many reason why the Rags' Nest pillow post and their constant disregard of the BLM upsets me! Where's The Rags' Nest or their new pet drama queen when shit like this is happening? Am I not allowed to be outraged? Then you wonder why people reblog Black Lives Matter. Yeah having a Black President sure made a difference didn't it? Remember when you, TMN said that.

And if this makes you uncomfortable, it should make you uncomfortable. I'm tired of waking up to this shit. Then I got gossip blogs telling us we're ruining the community for bringing awareness to it, but they can go on and on about their own political issues on their blog. Yeah funny how that works.

And the funny thing I never called anyone racist or plan to ditch anyone for besties! I'm insulted anyone would think I'm that fucking shallow just shy of 27 years old. Like I just like ditching 7 years of friendships (thanks for wasting my time). If they had any balls, they would have replied to my last post with reasons why BLM reblog are so horrible to them and they wouldn't have blocked me from their tumblr or their pm. Using EarthMama's comment about gypsies doesn't justify your your actions or excuses.

You wanted to go here TMN, so I took it here for you. You're welcome. Now do go fuck yourselves plz. I held back from saying it, but I truly mean it. Thanks for wasting my time. 

And don't I give fuck about what anyone has to say. I don't care if this insults you. This happening in the rl in the real world and have every right to be angry about it on my blog.


  1. As a full supporter of the BLM movement, this makes me so sad. Isn't TMN based in the UK? If so, they obviously have their own issues their country is dealing with and don't understand the severity of the situation here in the states. If they're based here, they need to pull their heads out of their asses and take a good hard look around them. :'(

    1. Yeah they're based in UK and I tried to be sympathetic lack of knowledge on the issues here, but they decided to remain ignorant and belittle the issue as attention seeking. Then if you reblog or post anything of the likes, you are a troll and social warrior trying to ruin the sims community. Now if people were posting stuff like this on the forums I would agree, but most of this stuff happens on tumblr and personal blogs. A lot people post personal opinions and rl problems on their blogs, so I thought it was downright uncalled for to demean simmers who posted BLM. Not to mention promote and defend someone who posted All Lives Matter and made it a point to derail anything related to it.

      Now that something tragic has happen again and it's probably all over the world news, so where is there opinion now? Is it still attention seeking and pointless to post stuff like this? If they don't know or don't choose to educate themselves on the racial issues that's still happening here, then they have no right to call anyone anything or make tasteless jokes about racial tension. It may not be happening in UK right now, but their blog is broadcast to everyone. To real people who have feelings and are dealing with racism everyday. So I feel like they could pull their head out their asses now and have show some respect and go after real trolls. Trolls who are making it a point derail and silent people. Trolls who are actually bullying people. Not people posting BLM and anything related to issues like this.

      And I'm even go into my personal issues with them. I would think they would know better not peg me as some mindless idiot who only wants to impress their "besties. If I was them, I would have just apologized for offending anyone and sent a pm like an adult. That's just me maybe.

    2. And woah novel alert. Sorry about that. And hello Akasha! I missed you. *hugs* :)

  2. Hi Vid and Akasha. Mares are based in the UK and believe it or not there was a time when race relations were an issue for them. But that might have been before they were all born.
    Meanwhile, things are very bad in the US right now. Stay safe and strong. *hugs*

    1. Yep. I actually looked up the UK and racism, because I wanted to know if stuff like this happens there. I guess it does, but not as much as in America. Figures.

      And thank you L.B. I'll try to safe and stay out the way. Hopefully nothing happens here like what happen in Dallas last night.

  3. It's so disgusting that they are acting like that...high up on their pious cloud looking down on us saying 'Oh look at the silly trivial things the colonies are up to now'. Makes me sick.

    And the UK does have their racial issues...their racism is what caused so many people to vote for the Brexit. A lot of them have admitted they voted for it because they thought it would mean all of the immigrants would be forced to leave. It's a sad sad world we live in.

    Oh, and hey Vid! I lurk all the time, but this finally prompted me to say something. I haven't simmed in ages, but I still try to lurk the community. *hugs*

    1. I so agree. I could understand if they were calling out people who were literally using the cause to harass people, but they didn't do that. They just picked on bunch of innocent people. And for what? I really don't understand why they were so bothered by such post. Especially on tumblr.

      But yes we are living in really shitty time right now. This world disappoints me everyday almost. The Brexit stuff reminds me of Trump and his wall tho. The mindset of some people are freaking insane.

      Anyway, I'm always happy to see you. Didn't know you were still lurking. It's always nice to see a friendly face from back in the day. lol Feel free to stop by anytime miss. *hugs* <3

  4. Yeah, that really doesn't make any sense. :( It's probably because it makes them feel uncomfortable (Gods forbid) and therefore are trying to push it to the back of the news just like everyone else...well guess what, there are certain bits of reality we have to face, and this is one of them.




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