Friday, July 1, 2016

The Edgar's Legacy: Daniel Into The Future

Sent Daniel off to the future to spice things up a bit. 

He met this dude upon setting foot into the new time. Forgot his name.
Enough talking! Off to the bot shop.
I forgot how cool the cars look in the future.

Bot shopping...
Daniel: "A female bot to bang? Good enough!"

Paparazzi robots?!

Robot makeover time!
Oooo pretty.

Getting one last look at her old self.
Hot tubbing? A robot? Don't you suppose to short circuit or something in water?

Got extremely bored in the future. Daniel doesn't have any descendants, which is weird and disappointing.
A robot riding a hover board. OMG best entrance ever!
Nic: Who the f*** are you?!

I'm getting so bored with my legacy. Might be time to have some babies. >_>

P.S. The robot name is Sigma. I hit the randomizer and just stuck with that. 

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