Tuesday, July 26, 2016

International Glamour - A4 & A5 Scores

3rd Place

1st Place
Just last minute insanity. Double the fun again.

Vid & Noni Eze



I love the idea in this, the amazing colors and high contrast on this rock! I love Noni’s fierce and confident expression and overall awesomeness. My only complaint is with the positioning of Noni. I understand that it’s not really your fault and that you were definitely working with a tough pose and prop, but I feel like the pose needed a little tweaking. Her arms could have been extended a bit more so that she were sitting on the wring rather than floating in space. She looks like she’s not realistically on that ring! I guess she could be using her one knee to pinch her legs onto the ring, but it just looks like she’s floating. Excellent work, though.

I was inspired by the circus I went to a few months ago. I was really inspired by their bright outfits. I was rushing to get this done, so it's not exactly what I wanted. Considering the brain fart I was having putting these together, it was good enough. I'm just mad at myself for creating that pose. It's a good pose, but I got so caught up with getting her arms right I forgot about her butt. lol Then when I did realized it, it was too late. Ughhhh! Still a good pic I guess. I like the confetti and the lighting effects. I also like the feathers I added on her outfit. At least she looks pretty. <3


Picture Beech
How wonderful you are! This is a stellar assignment with an epic sense of pop art. I really love it! One thing I adore, that not everyone did, is that you included the pop art on your model as well as her setting. You gave us a cartoon outline and some cartoon dots and makeup. I really liked this and thought you did a stellar job.

I honestly didn't expect 1st for the Pop Art one. Like I had no freaking clue what I was doing and I totally experimented with the look of this. Even the pose was an experiment.

For my original idea I wanted her talking on a phone, but I didn't find a phone prop till a few days ago. lol So I did end up changing the idea to music and headphones. Anyway, I recolored the crap out of everything with dots and bright colors. Then I used an ink sketch effect for that outlined look. Turned out better than I thought. I thought it was going be a big ass fail. xD

Ok I think I covered everything. The next assignment is to do an emotional photo showcasing an emotion. I haz no clue and it's due soon, so I'm about to google me stuff to get inspired. lol Lately my brain has been on fritz for these things.

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