Sunday, October 11, 2015

Your wit is still legendary Mares!


2. Oh my I'm glad both of you at Mares are ok and those anti-depressants did not result in a worse outcome. Like geez. I take citalopram (10mg), which might be a lot different from you took. It does make me sleepy for a like a hour or two, but I usually wake up after that and I take it in the evening anyway. 

Anywhooo, over here in America mental health is kind of a joke. They don't take mental health seriously, which might be why we have so many nut cases shooting up everywhere. The common mindset here is to be embarrassed and ashamed of it. Then most health insurances don't cover meds like that. My doctor went through a list before she found one that would be covered by my insurance. Pff that's even if you somehow convince your doctor you need the meds before they go down the list of other possible issues. Anti-depressants aren't treated like candy over here. You'll probably be lucky to get anything now a days. lol

3. No. Ironically Fear the Walking doesn't have toddlers.

I will make a note of this troll. A certain catlady told me it was one, but I was still quite amused.

5. "We like the way Viddie waited until she’d first admitted she was on pills before saying ‘your wit will be forever legendary’."

But seriously I stole that from some other loonies on a show called Impractical Jokers.
Why couldn't I find this before?! -_-
Here's the video:
It's a really funny show. Well most of the time. So it was not the pills. I'm sure blogging under the influence is quite fun tho. I have to try it. :P

Thank you. That's all I can muster up. Now you got me all mushy and stuff. *gags* xP

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