Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Edgars legacy returns! Rebellious Nic grows up into a YA! (Fixed the pic quality)

Update: I fixed the quality issues with the photos last night, so they should be clearer now to everyone. Sorry about that. >_<

I hadn't realize how long it's been since I've last played or gave an update on my legacy. Ahhh! Well I'm going make up for that hopefully. I got plenty of pics and should have more if nothing goes wrong. I did have to fix it in between playing, but the backup save seem to work. Anywhoooo.....

Haha, poor Henry. He looks like a typical parent annoyed with his kids. Stupid booby traps. You can probably guess who did it. *cough cough* Nic *cough*

Nic and his sis are very close. They talk all the time. Nic managed to trick/dare his sister to take the cinnamon challenge.
 Ouch. That look like it hurt..
 Ahhh my head! (I love this pic)
After that she decided to get some alone time from her stupid brother. xD
 Eating out in celebration of Nic's afterschool award ceremony.
 Ugh paparazzi....
 Henry can't catch a break with these booby traps. 
 Tea time!
 Henry: FFS! Stop scaring me!
Nic again with his megaphone....
Daniel is doing well. He's working at the science lab still and I got a nice garden going on in the backyard for him now.
Oh and he got engaged! I almost forgot.
 Her name is Joyce Finley.
 She said yes.
Then Joyce met the parents.

Anyway, she came back for another visit and woke up looking like this. Didn't I give you makeover Miss?! Ehhh wtf?!
 Mom wasn't impressed. Neither was Katherine.
 Dad either. I guess they don't approve. xD
 I had mom and daughter do some bounding.
 While Nic went on another rant indoors.
 Daniel: Dude! Can you like stop doing that while I'm on the computer? I can hear you!!!
 Dad and daughter. Daughter looks like she's about to ask for something. :P
 Henry and Katarina got the eternally faithful moodlet. Still in love and still slow dancing. 
 I got this little dude in the mail. I love him! I call him Dr. Evil rather than Mr. Evil.
 Is it that time again? It's birthday time! Nic's bday is here!
I invited Joyce the fiance and Kat's ex hubby, Jack Limb. Their daughter (Angelique) and granddaughter (Bambi) came as well.

Jack got old! Wozers! I kinda love that since it makes their immorality evident. Thanks Nrass mod for ageless vamps. :D 
 Bambi grew up into a teen. Um...not sure where that pink hair comes from, but meh. Hopefully she's just in her awkward stage. 
 Girl talk.
Jack decided to leave early for some reason.
Kat caught up to him and they talked a little. Seem like ages since they talked.
 He then decide to take a seat here outside. I guess it was too awkward for him.
 Kat: Let's get this party started! Woot! Woot!
Katherine: Mom you're embarrassing me!

 Shhhh...he's thinking hard about that wish.
Oh wait. He thought of one maybe.
 Time to blow out the candles!
 I have no idea who that random elder is, but it was a lively party.

 Uh oh. He's sparkling. Thank goodness those are birthday sparkles and not Twilight ones.
 Nic is a YA in 1, 2, 3.....
 Ta-da! Ewww those clothes! What is this the matrix?
 I missed the shot, but he scared Katherine with the megaphone. What's interesting is that him and Joyce seem to turn to each other and laughed about it. :o
 Katherine ignored her stupid brother and decided to chat up Bambi. I guess she would be the aunt to her? Well I plan on making them friends since they are the same age.
 Jack must of heard all the commotion, because he came back in.
Him and Joyce chatted a bit for some reason.
 Henry told everyone to go home once it got late, but Jack and a few others stuck around.
 Like get out already!!!
 Snowflake waited for everyone to leave to bust some moves.
 Dr. Evil knocked the trash can over? Sure looks like it. I can't wait to see what else he does.
Anyway, I had to give Nic a makeover. I couldn't help, but remark about how much he looks like his dad.
 OMG twinsies! 
I see some slight differences, but they look very similar. Nic definitely got his nose. I might slick Henry's hair back and compare some more.

Anyway after trying numerous looks, I decided to go with this look....
 Sexy! I knew he would be sexy!!!! Woo! That's my boy! I'm so proud!
Can you tell I'm going have fun with him?!

I'm sorry, but Daniel is losing in the heir contest. He's not even being considered. I might try giving him a makeover to see if I can improve on his looks (different hair and clothes), but it's between Nic and Katherine right now. Katherine is quite pretty as a teen, but I'm curious to see how she looks as a YA. She has 9 more days! Ughhhhhh! In the meantime, I'm going play around with Nic some more and plan Daniel's wedding.

I'm thinking about moving Daniel out if he gets married. I'm not sure about Daniel's fiance (Joyce) though, but I'll go with it for now. They can always divorce for drama purposes. Weirdly enough Nic got a love letter from Joyce right after aging up. Hmmmm....my evil senses are tingling! Oh my! How messed up would that be if Nic.....oh no. Must stop thinking up such twisted plans! o_O Well the brothers don't get along really. Bwhahaha I'll think about it.....


  1. Long live the Edgars! *Throws update party*

    And Nic is... just... wow. You know, I have a sim that would be perfect for him. *Whistles innocently while casually shoving simself your way*

    Good for Daniel that he's engaged! Joyce's shirt is the best :')

  2. *does update shuffle*

    LOL! ;) Nuh uh if anything he will be with my simself. xP I think he's going have a lot lady friends though and a maybe a lot babies! I'm going have way too much fun with him. ;D

    But I might upload him and share him still. He's kind of too good looking to keep to myself. :)

    The engagement is kind of a good excuse to move Daniel out now. I did kind of regret it, but I'm glad he has someone now and maybe he can have some kids of his own. Plus it's very unlikely he's going be my heir. I like his traits and I had planned to for him to become a bit of a mad scientist, but Nic is like perfect heir material. Katherine is going have to be drop dead gorgeous to beat Nic in that department. xP

    But LOL townies always seem to pick that shirt. They must be fans of the Mares Nest too. ;P

    1. Bahaha, can't blame you. It'll be fun to see him become a major player. Fits his evil side too.

      Why did you regret it? Don't like his boo? :p Did you make her by the way, or is she a townie? I'm curious for Katherines looks now wooh!

    2. Doh, this Google comment box picked the wrong account. Well I'm Nineveh Dej too haha.

  3. Ahahaha, massive update!

    That megaphone drives me crazy. Whenever I see a sim with a megaphone I start to think murderous thoughts about them. :P

    And yes, that was a somewhat Matrix-like outfit that EA kindly selected for him, there. Could have been worse. Could have been teamed with a riding hat or some flippers or something. Still, it's quite fun to change their looks. I always think of it as their birthday treat - new outfit and hair!

    1. I never really gave my sims megaphones till now, so I'm excited to see how Nic uses it for evil. Bwhahaha! Well maybe not for evil, but for sheer annoyance. xD

      I do love the random outfits you get with birthdays and townies tho. Some of them are so bad it hurts my eyes. But yeah makeovers are the best! t's always a pleasant surprise when they turn out to be super attractive under all the EA randomness. :P


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