Saturday, October 17, 2015

On Location Cycle 3- A1 Scores

I just joined this competitions a few weeks ago. I really missed modeling with Kelly since Focus was such a such a short experience for me. I thought maybe I would have a better chance with her in this one. Plus I'm good with set building from what I keep hearing. xD

3rd Place
Client's Challenge: Girly & Out of Place
Model: Kelly Candace
Oh yeah 3rd! Starting off strong! :D

I knew I could count on you to do an in game shot! I love those most. This is a very nice photo and Kelly looks amazing with that hairstyle! She’s definitely girly, and I love the setting, but I wihs it were a bit darker – the setting – Kelly’s fine. But overall, you did what was asked and did it well!

Great photo Vid! The outfit is cute and the background makes her so out of place. I love that hair too! My only complaints are that it seems her arm and purse (looks like a pole, took me a bit to figure out what it was xD) is going through her dress, and there is too much space going on. Cropping would have helped a lot.

Woot! Woot! Party over here! Ok...I'm seriously happy about 3rd. It might not be 1st or 2nd, but I'm stoked! I'm the only one who did an in-game photo, so I thought that might backfire on me. Like an in-game industrial set in the daylight could go really wrong. -_-

My styling was also a bit daring too. I have a specific style I'm going for with Kelly, so this first assignment was like me testing the waters and my taste level. lol I'm really glad it went over well. I'm very proud of the styling I did for this. The coloring is so awesome and the hair is crazy fabulous. Like that hair alone could of got me in trouble. It looks totally nuts in CAS! xD I think the only thing I regret is that damn clutch bag. Like ughhhhh I should of found something prettier or left it out completely. 

Almost the whole the setting is in-game. The hard hat and the hammer are edited in, but that's about it. I'm really glad people still appreciate my in-game photos. :) I do think I should cropped it somehow. I hate how wide my photos come out. Darkening the setting might of helped too. The judges made some really great points. 

The next assignment location is urban grunge and the client wants edgy styling. I got her all styled finally after spending too much time in and out of CAS. Now I just need a setting. I plan on getting this done first and getting it out the way for the much harder entry for Faery Fae. Hopefully I don't screw this up somehow.

P.S. I had a curse word in my original photo and didn't see it. Can you spot it?


  1. I would say good use of traffic cones. I have a bit of a thing about traffic cones. Especially the really small ones. Never mind.

    Good to see you enjoying your sims and competitions again Vid :)

  2. Hehe my family is like hoarding traffic cones for the winter snow to save parking spots they dig out, so I get it. xD

    I do love the clutter I find in this game. I always find something new when I'm decorating sets or houses. :)

    1. But yeah I'm enjoying myself. I'm trying very hard not join too many and get overwhelm again. :P


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