Friday, October 23, 2015

Walking Dead: Thoughts on S6 Premiere and the much awesomer JSS Ep!

The real one! It's back!!!! AHHHH! This will be a quick one since it's almost Sunday again.
Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers everywhere after the jump! Do not pass go if you have not seen the premiere or "JSS" or any of the previous seasons! I'm even being careful with photos this time!

Spoilers ahead! You have reached the danger zone. You have been warned! Spoiling in 1...2...3...

Going to briefly cover the premiere as I wasn't crazy about it....

Ok! I really didn't really like the season 6 premiere. Might be why I forgot to review it. lol  It was just boring and jumped around too much, which is ironic since it had the most zombies ever. Even black & white scenes were annoying. I like black & white as it's artsy, but I like it when it used right. B&W should only be used for things that happened waaaaayyy in the past and not for stuff that happened the day before. It also should be used lightly and not for half the show!!! The switching between the b&w past and the normal colorized present made me dizzy. Then the whole extra long show was just about them making a plan to round up this mega herd of zombies? It was kind of lame and forced. I love it when they use a lot zombies, but they went overboard and they didn't use them in a way that was interesting.  

Now for the ep that should have been the premiere. JSS! "Just Survive Somehow!" I was thinking this might be another boring or maybe just slow episode, but then the wolves came and holy crap! I was disturbed and giddy when shit hit the fan! When that pasta maker loving chick got hacked into while she was smoking her cig, I gasped. Then it was a roller coaster of awesomness from there!

Carol- I officially love me some Carol! She is like the person I would want to be in the zombie apocalypse now! She starting to become my favorite character. Her badassery can't be ignored!

The loner chick/Carl's love interest- I can't remember her name, but meh she's alright. I really liked the intro scenes with her. She also made Carl less annoying for this ep.

Morgan- *sigh* So far he's disappointing me. Like FFS! People are being murdered in the streets and you're going make it a point to spare the murderers' lives? What are you going to do with them? Give them a trial and give them a slap on the hand for being bad? If TWD writers plan to just have him around to lecture Rick till he meets his demise due his "All life is precious" stupidity, I'm going throw something at the TV! Morgan is suppose to be badass!!! Leave the morale crap to Father Gabriel! And please ditch the ninja moves and stick! It's kinda of lame now. -_-

Nicholas- Why is he alive again? This is why I hated the premiere. Forgiveness my ass!

Jessie- Um still don't care. I like how she got caught by her son going all psycho on the wolf chick.

Father Gabriel- In my Rick Grimes' voice: NO! lol I cracked up when Rick totally shut him down. Still not forgiving the dude.

The Wolves- Yesssss! This is kind of stuff  I wanted to see from Terminus folks. Give me more!!!

The whole town of Alexandria- I'm getting bored with this town. I did see one cute guy though. :o I think he's the one who trying the stop the horn when Morgan popped up. Anyway, I'll be glad when they move on to something else.

Stuff I'm wanting to see for the next episode
-Morgan killed the wolf guy who threatened him and he comes to his senses
-Morgan become the male Michonne with a much cooler weapon
-Rick and co. stop heading zombies and starting hunting wolves

Stuff I'm predicting for the next episode
-Morgan tied up the wolf guy that was attacking him *rolls eyes*
-Rick and co. come back after herding zombies
-More Rick and Jessie *rolls eyes*
-Carl goes after the loner girl *sigh*

...That's all I got. I wanted to do this really quickly. Forgive me if I forgot anything. This was suppose to be more in-dept, but I got distracted and now I'm just ready for the next episode. :P

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