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Walking Dead: Thoughts on Season 6 Ep 3 "Thank you"

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! Spoiling after the jump! Do not pass go if you have not seen Season 6 Ep 3:"Thank You" or any of the previous episodes or seasons!

I'm about to go in rant and spoiler mode in 1....2.....3....

You have been warned!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh Glenn! What the fudge?! I so pissed and annoyed. I'll get to him later.

This episode was not my favorite, but it wasn't bad. The Alexandria folks are useless idiots. Like how have they survived all this time?!

One thing I want to mention about one specific Alexandrian is Heath. 
His hair makes me cringe. I know they made him look like his comic counterpart, but ugh the braids look jacked up and it doesn't fit him at all. Plus I don't see that many African American men wearing their hair like that. With dreads maybe, but with braids? Ew. TBH it would be a lot shorter in rl and more practical in the ZA to wear it shorter so zombies don't grab onto it. They at least need to fix the edges. *sigh* Just my pet peeve. lol The character is whinny and dumb at the moment, so that's all I got on him. xD

Now for Rick. Rick is stuck in the RV. I bet the wolves cut the gas tank or something (I know nothing about cars). Those wolves that attacked him are the same ones Morgan let go. Thanks to Talking Dead I wouldn't have known that. Like ughhhh Morgan passive-aggressive crap is already causing problems! Thanks a lot Morgan! Rick will get out the RV though, because he's freaking Rick man!

He also cut his hand on a zombie blood covered knife, so people are now speculating that he might lose it. Like ughhhh don't do that TWD writers. He gets beat up enough. It will probably look cheesy too. Cheesy as Michonne's hood and chained zombies they got rid of thankfully. Plus didn't Merle do that in place of Rick? Enough already. Leave Rick alone! Some things are better left in the comics.

B/w I am so sick of seeing Rick with bandages on his face. The amount of them is almost comical sometimes.

Now for Glenn. I told you so Glenn!!!! I said it! He should of killed Nicholas. He had so many chances to do it! He even gave him an excuse when he tried to kill him in the woods. As I said before, "forgivness my ass!" I'm cool with forgiveness, but not in the ZA where you need someone trustworthy by your side. Sorry. He showed his true self too many times and he got too many chances. He was never going to change. He was going be a coward till he died and he died like a true coward taking Glenn with him. Aghhhh Glenn! He's way too nice. -_-

Now people keep saying Glenn might be alive, but I'm not sure. Here's the statement that's bringing up the theories....

"So I'll say this: In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story to help complete the story."

Parts? Ewwww. I wouldn't be surprise if he was alive with how TWD loves it twist and turns. He might even be a zombie. We'll see. Hopefully it's not too stupid of a twist. That really looked like Glenn's guts, but then it might be Nicholas' guts on top of him. Then theirs the baby theory with Maggie, but can the show do yet another pregnancy story line? Hmmm...interesting.

If he's really dead that will fill the main character death quota though for the season. If not, it's between him and Daryl then. Just a thought. TWD has a bit pattern when it comes to deaths.

Anyway, I think that's about it at less I forgot something.

Stuff I'm wanting to see for the next episode
-Glenn is alive and well. I do like Glenn.
-Rick gets out the RV.
-Rick gets first-aid and doesn't lose a hand
-Morgan become the male Michonne with a much cooler weapon. Stops being a peaceful lameass!
-More of the Wolves
-Heath gets a haircut

Might be getting a slow episode focusing on Morgan this week, so we might not get any answers or any of my predictions.

Soooo stuff I'm predicting for the next episode or maybe episode after that...
-Morgan, Morgan, Ninja turtle Morgan. lol  Flashbacks and ramblings about how he became at peace
-Glenn is a zombie or is bitten or maybe he's alive. I don't know. I want to know!!!
-Rick gets out the RV. Going throw this in: Daryl saves him!
-Maggie panics and cries about Glenn
-Maggie is pregnant

Like I said next week will be a slow episode devoted to Morgan. It looks like it anyway from the previews. If it is slow and only about Morgan, I won't be posting my thoughts on it probably. We needs answers on Glenn! Not Morgan! >_<

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