Thursday, October 8, 2015

Prepare for a legacy update! It's coming!

I'm tired of looking at the black whopper as my 1st post, so here's an announcement. xD
I got TS3 working so far for me. I checked it with the dashboard and nothing showed up, so hopefully I don't see anything funky walking around since I kind of was recklessly downloading stuff for competitions. 

I did all my comp photos and I did my comp scores early, which might be a record. I deserve a cookie.

If you can't tell from this photo, I played my legacy today. I forgot how fun they were. I got one sim day left till Nic's bday. Wooo! Very excited. I so badly want to see YA him. I have a feeling he's going be smexy! :D

I also want to make a post replying to Mares. *waves* ;) Haha. If I didn't have an headache, I would now. xD Time to call it a night. 

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