Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Now here is a health update on me! You're welcome! :P

I am feeling a lot better. I'm relieved and very happy at the moment actually. I'm not sure if it's the effects of the meds or anything, but I'm on the mend. I went to doctor last week and I got my same doctor, but this time she took me seriously. I thought I was going have to go into a big speech about my symptoms and such, but I didn't have to. I just simply stated my symptoms and she finally gave me a medication for my condition. As I said before I kind of figured it out myself what that condition was, but I wanted her to figure it out and confirm my suspicions. She did just that. I heard the name and I instantly felt like someone finally understood. I never been so happy to be diagnosed with something. lol I felt like I was going crazy, because no one knew what I was talking about or they didn't believe me. Now I have freaking proof! I wanted to scream "I told you so" around the house, but I kept to myself. xD

Anywhooo, she gave me a low dose pill for anxiety and depression to keep my mood stabilized when I'm effected the most by my disorder. I haven't had any outburst or crying fits since taking it. My family has annoyed me as usual, but not to the point I'm screaming at them. I haven't yelled at anyone. I'm not obsessing over every bad experience and memory in my head. I'm actually thinking clearly. Like today I remembered an unpleasant memory and rationalized how stupid it was to think about it. I then went on about my day not feeling guilty or embarrassed at all. I guess it's helping my usual anxiety too. :P I've only been taking for 1 week now, but I feel like it's making a difference.

I got another week to go before it really settles into my system. I think the only negative is the drowsiness. I think that might not be too much of an issue when my system gets more use to it though. My doctor wants see me in a month, so I'll give a month to see how I like it. She already told me to call her if I have any issues. While this is a low dose version, it's still a serious medicine and I'm treating it that way. Hopefully things will continue to go good.

Once I'm done with my followup I'm going on a job hunt, because my broke ass needs one. ;) I might start playing sims again too or least post on the officials more. I've already went back on my word and entered a competition. I'll post scores when I get a chance, but I'm glad I entered it. My creative juices are coming back. I entered it before I even went to the doctor, but I'm sure I can handle it now without any problems. I'm not going to rush into anything major just yet as it still early, but I'm looking forward to not being a moody loony toon now and getting back a bit normalcy. :)


  1. Glad to hear things are looking up Vid! All the best with the job hunt :) *Huggles*

  2. Thank ya! *hugs* Job hunting is so hard these hard days, but I'll find something. >_<


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