Thursday, September 24, 2015

Faery Fae- Cycle 3- A2 Scores

Vid & Nora
7th Place
As I stated in the previous assignment, Nora had parents once. Her mom died giving birth to her and her dad also met his demise. She was left all alone after their deaths, but she brought them back the best way she could. She preserved her father's body and put her mom back together using illustrations of her and various body parts of victims. She guards the castle for them now. They're one big happy disturbing family.
I sometime wonder if I'm sane or insane when I do pics like this. lol

51 points
Creativity: 9/10
Quality: 9/10
Creature Influence: 8/10
Total: 26/30
You have a beautiful mind lol…I love the darker images and the creativity you have never fails to amaze me. You showed us a VERY unique family tree and I love it! I think it’s eerie and weird, but very cool and very creative. I love the effort put into that setting too! I do hope to see more lore form the Redcaps coming into play later on, but good work this round!


Creativity: 7/10
Quality: 9/10
Creature Influence: 9/10
Total: 25/30
Oh my! This is quite a scary photo! I think that Vid feels alone and keeping her parents around is safe to her. I love the styling of your model and the pose is great! I like the direction you took this! Other than that you did a good job!

My explanation is above, but yeah I decided to show off her family in the most disturbing way possible. The parents were written as dead when I came up with the character, so I had to figure out something. :P

I really like this one though, because it's creepy and it was really fun to do. Like decorating the room was a blast. Even editing it was somewhat fun.

I wanted the overall setting to be steampunk, but in a medieval castle. Mixing the two themes was fun. I found some really good stuff to pull it off. 

Editing was a pain, but it was fun too in a way. I did some stuff I never did before, so it was challenging and rewarding. I think the brain was my favorite (Ewwww). I think once I got in the groove of it, it wasn't so bad. It wasn't much to do either. Not as much as some photos I've done.

The next assignment was to show her as queen and I did that today on the due date. I could not for the life of me think of anything, so I ended up just doing something. It was an idea, but I wish I had thought of something else you know? It's not bad, but it just did not come out like I envisioned. I'm nervous this round. Wish me luck.

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