Monday, September 28, 2015

How Fear The Walking Dead is the TS4 of tv shows....

1. The creator is milking the franchise to death!

2. It's boring. Like painfully boring. Like who cares!

3. It's nothing new and its lacking a lot main features like zombies and interesting characters.

4. The setting is basically their house, the hospital/camp, and the surrounding neighborhood.

5. Noting really happens. Lots of talking and emotions!

6. The fandom is eerily similar. Fans defend it even though it's a pile of crap. "It's suppose to be slow." "I love the slow burn and development!"

7. It's no way good as good the original.

So yes Fear The Walking Dead is still a total waste of time and has not gotten better. It's just one boring monotone snore they dug up out the trash and put out on tv for more $$$$! Much like TS4, which a boring monotone bore they dug up and piece together to get more $$$$. It's like two of my favorite things made worse from greed and laziness. 

It's always fun to connecting two totally different things. :P

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