Thursday, September 17, 2015

Aye Aye Captain! Rachel Flop sinks the TS4 ship further into the ocean...

While the guy conducting the interview is a complete moron with his lips planted on EA's butt (it was too much like GTA...Bye Felicia), Rachel showed us how much her and her colleagues really listen to us. *snickers*

RF: It’s been a contentious issue. But my feeling is that with the open world it’s harder to feel as connected with the town and your sims.

On the the look of the sims....RF: But you don’t want them photorealistic because that’s creepy, that’s just weird.

GC: So you’re satisfied that not having toddlers was the right choice?

RF: That’s the decision that we made based on all of the information that we had at the time. So absolutely, I feel like it’s the best decision for the game to date.

Actual footage of the TS4 forums

But seriously?"I feel like it's the best decision for the game to date?!"
 WTF? Where the f*** did you get your info?

Then this happened....

*sniff* sniff* I smell something. Oh yeah it's called..


  1. That interview with RF is just extraordinary. The way she describes the open world as a bad thing! Ahahahahaha!

    1. How can being fully connected with the whole town via an open world make it "harder to feel as connected with the town"?!



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