Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another TS4 free trial. Another chance to play. Um yay? -_-

Warning: This contains sarcasm!

Thanks to EA latest desperate free trail, I took a trip back in the wondrous world of TS4. I missed it so. It was so much fun..... Pfff...ahahahahah just kidding. It's like watching paint dry and grass grow. Actually that might be a bit more entertaining. Should of done that instead. Anyway I loaded up my simself and plop her down in one of the generic little holes they call a world.....

This time I gave her love interest similar to my TS3 version.
Home sweet home. Dark just like I remembered it. TS4 is so good with lighting.
That's better...
More talking....
Zzzzzzz.....oh sorry.

I wasted no time making these two woohoo after all the chit chat, because frankly I just wanted to get to the good stuff.
The good stuff being babies! I never got to see how pregnancy and genetics work in my first playthrough.
Baby bump! forward.
It kind of has a strange shape. Can't really see it from the front. 
The neighbor and the father to be.
It's almost here thanks to the fast forward button!
It's here! They're here. I got twins on my first try. lol

Fugly little things. They look like fake ass babydolls. I'll take my burrito babies over this. But seriously, we ask for babies with legs and they gave us this crap?!
I aged up them up, because I just couldn't be bother to take care of the little objects.
Oh my god the genetics are so amazing! They look just like everyone else in town!
After I switched households and decided to try another playing style.
Playing as the town slut. I would of had a man whore, but I want the babies. 
How riveting....
I'm in the twilight zone. Do all the sims look alike?
"Like dude. You were just a hookup! Like leave before my next fugly suitor comes."
"Mm..what's your name again? Don't know. Don't care."
WTF? A helmet?
Guess the woohoo was that rough. o_o
She's pregnant, but like I said you can't tell from the front for some weird reason. She also needs a shower.
Oh joy. A plastic baby girl!
The genetics are out of this world I tell you.
The blonde dude is her dad, but he can't bother to visit now. Typical. With no story progression, family tree, or Nrass popups it became a really boring event. 
Aww so cute. It's too bad I'm too bored to care.
The game is really boring. I had plenty of time left to play, but I end up not going back. It became very unpleasant and it even gave me a headache. Maybe I could play more if I stuck a bunch of cc and stuff packs on top of it to mask the smell of fail, but it's just a boring game with not much to do. I almost felt claustrophobic playing it. Then with no story progression or aging in the town it just makes the whole experience feel fake and backwards  It was just plain lazy of them to design the game this way. Even the Sims 2 base game is better than this and it's almost 10 years older! 

I predict more free trials in the future, but count me out. I'm done playing this. No more please.

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  1. I gave it another shot a few weeks ago. My daughter likes it and has all the add-on garbage that people keep saying will "make the game more fun". That's not true in my experience.
    EA can still stuff it as far as I'm concerned. It's Nothing more than a social event with little to nothing to do other than socialize and make awful facial expressions in the process.
    Unfortunately it seems enough people like it to make EA a nice profit so they have no incentive to improve the game nor do they have the incentive to create a game that works properly.
    I'm actually sad that the game is no longer something I want to continue following and very frustrated that others are fine to just settle for anything EA throws their way that has the name, "Sims" on the cover which encourages more garbage like this game to be created.



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