Friday, January 13, 2017

TS4 has toddlers. No this is not a drill.

Cute and they seem to be more lively than the TS3 ones. I gotta admit I'm jealous. Damn them for not making this game open world with CASt! I'm happy for ya'll, but why couldn't we get toddlers like this in TS3?! 😒


  1. They're cute and all, but it's still not enough to save the game for me. It's still lacking too much in depth.

    1. Heya!!! :)

      Yep. I totally agree. The game is still a shallow mess full of loading screens and cartoony graphics. It doesn't even have story progression. So yeah we're not missing anything. xD

    2. Yeah, I don't mind the loading screens, as I still play TS2, but like you said, it's just a shallow mess. I got bored after a week of playing and only keep it installed for CAS and build mode (the only two good things about the game).

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