Friday, January 27, 2017

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- A7 Profolio Pic #2

Ashley believes that it's important to have a healthy mind and body. When she was approached to do a photo shoot for promoting Breast Cancer Awareness she jumped at the chance. Breast Cancer and Cancer in general is an important issue that's very near and dear to her heart. She would do anything to help fight and bring light to preventing such a devastating disease. When she was given her wardrobe or lack wardrobe in this case she was a bit hesitant, but she saw the ribbons as her armor and the rest became easy. She left the shoot wanting everyone to know that mammograms and self checking is the best weapons in fighting cancer. She hopes that one day we can find a cure. She also hopes that those fighting continue to have the courage and strength to keep on fighting.

No scores. Not till the end anyways. Despite pink being the theme so far it was not my inspiration. I was inspired by a really good friend (one I need to say hello to) and just the overall message of beating Cancer. I was also inspired by the pink ribbon. I wanted it to be high fashion, but I also wanted it to convey the message tastefully.

I drew the ribbons on her body myself. The only ribbons I didn't draw are on her arm, neck, and in her hand. I made the pose myself. Then the curly stock hair was an afterthought and was added on top of some cc hair. The words are from google (duh).

The setting is my hospital setting for Dead on Arrival. I just move some stuff around. I figure it would be dumb to build a hospital setting from scratch when I have a perfectly good one already build. I even use the doctors from that.

The next assignment was to depict her as a goddess. I chose Ma'at, an Egyptian goddess. I'll be posting that next.

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