Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- A5 Scores

My 2 days extension was not enough, but I made it in time. 😅

2nd Place
Ashley Owens
Happy with 2nd since Chell in 1st deserved it. I based my story and pic off her story. Everyone did. lol 😁 All of our stories end up intertwining since we had to include each others models. 

I gotta say this photo was pain too like the previous entry, because again extras and the setting was annoying. 😩

Well, Ashley, darling…you may have been the only one so blatantly caught in her scheme, but you were not the most conniving. I’ve had to do a lot of damage control this week – your peeping/clue-collecting was at the bottom of that list. I’m more concerned about your safety. Falling from a several-story-high building is dangerous. I know you’re determined to win, but if you die or break a bone in the process you aren’t winning anything!

lol I love Beech's comments.

My inspiration for this photo was ninjas. Yep that's about it. I wanted to use that pose and with her being athletic I thought she could put off such a scheme. Then I based my idea off everyone else's stories. I even made lookalikes of each model and decorated their rooms to their personalities. It's too bad you can't see the rooms that well. Then I edit the crap of this, because the lighting wasn't cooperating. I also wanted a school type scenery in the background, so I used a scenery photo from the game Life Is Strange and combined it with a night sky pic. Then blurred it. I'm quite proud of the corner of that photo. lol

I also edit suction cups into Ashley's hands and added the camera.

Assigning poses to everyone in this photo was a pain in the butt and I improvised with what I had. Didn't have time to go searching around.

Anywhooo, that's all folks.

The next assignment was to do editorial photo as we're done with the story portion of this comp. Kinda of relieved it's strictly modeling from here on out. It said the theme of our editorial pic could be anything though, so I stupidly chose to have Ashley model athletic wear. I think that was a bad idea, but I have no idea since our photos from here on out will be compiled and scored together at the end. So I won't know till the end. Oh well.

I will be posting that athletic photo after this post. If you want to check out everyone stories click here. I recommend it since my story this round might not make sense without reading those first. Just click on each headshot.

I already know why I'm here. Just get on with it. Punish me. *sigh* Do I really have to explain why I was climbing the building? I was trying to spy and dig up some dirt on my fellow competitors. I really want to win Miss Beech. Everyone does.

I don't know what got into me though. Maybe it was Kit trashing my room and Lachlan yelling at me. Maybe it was just the pressure. Everyone seems different now. It's like a light switch went off and everyone loss their minds when you announced a modeling contract was up for grabs.

I guess I can't blame everyone for my lack of sportsmanship though. I let my insecurities get the best of me. I've competed before against the best in sports, but modeling is a whole new ball game for me. I know what others think. I'm the underdog. The clumsy jock. The one who can't apply makeup properly or put together an outfit. Winning a modeling contract seemed like a fairy tale to me, so when the opportunity presented itself I took it and resorted to dirty tactics. My coaches would be embarrassed to see me like this.

After Kit trashed my room I became really paranoid. I thought that maybe they all were out to get me. Lachlan wouldn't talk to me or even look at me after what Kit told him. I would see him in the hallways and he would be mumbling to himself about a master plan. Sabi was as mysterious and poised as ever. Too poised. Then Delilah seemed like a fragile flower, but I thought maybe that was just a front as well. The quiet ones are always up to something!

So I decided to come up with my own master plan. I "borrowed" my roommates' camera and grab some climbing equipment. Then I waited for everyone to go to sleep and made my way up the building with the help of suction cups. Crazy I know, but I had picked up some climbing experience at my local gym's rockwall. It didn't take me long to get to the 2nd floor where Kit, Lachlan, Sabi, and Delilah's were.

I took a peek in each room. I almost chickened out when I heard music coming out of Lachlan's room. I decided to spy on him first out of curiosity and I almost fell from shock. "Lachlan in dress?!" was my exact thoughts. He was wide awake dancing around in his mirror with headphones on in sparkly silver dress. I knew he was gay, but I was still pretty stunned to see that side of him. It was interesting to say the least. I felt sorta guilty watching him. I thought about climbing down, but then I peeked into Kit's room just out of curiosity again. I could hear water running and I could see clothes scattered about. I figured she must be in the shower and this would probably be the only chance I would get to exact my revenge!

I slide the door open and quietly tip toed in. I scanned the room hoping to see some type of dirt or juicy gossip to pass along, but then I saw it. A dress adorned in crystals. A dress that could beat all dresses! "This has to be her runway dress for the competition," I thought to myself. So I yanked it off it's hanger and grabbed my pocket knife. A rip here and there would have surely ruin it, but then something came over me. I wondered how I would look in this dress. I put it against the front of my body and turned around to see how it looked on me in the mirror. It was a plum idea, because Kit stepped out the bathroom just in time to see me admiring her garment. We locked eyes and she screamed.

I hurried out from where I came from and proceeded to climb down as fast as I could. The jig was up and everyone seem to wake up just in time to see me hanging outside their rooms. Sabi came out first and then Delilah followed joining Sabi on her balcony. Lachlan's music was still blaring, so he remained blissfully unaware. Unfortunately, the girls screams range from panic to anger. One minute it was
"Oh Ashley get down from there!" to "Ashley, you weirdo peeping tom. How dare you!" It was enough to send my head spinning and the camera I borrowed to the ground with a crack.

Thankfully I fell into the bushes shortly afterwards and didn't suffer the same fate as the camera. Delilah was nice enough to ask me if I was ok, so I guess she's alright after all. Sabi on the other hand just shook her head and went back inside. Can't blame her. As for Kit, she called the campus police on me. You probably already know that since you're here with me in the middle night in your office. I didn't realize it so late. *nervous laughter*

Soooooo can I go to bed now? I'm really tired and I may need to take on another job to pay for another camera for Amber. Those things are really expensive! Geesh! I also have a modeling contract to win. I can still compete right? *nervous laughter* Don't look at me that way. It's Kit's fault..... OK it's everyone fault then! I thought they were my friends and they turned into monsters! They made me do it! Please don't expel me!

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