Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- A6 Profolio Pic #1

We're allowed to add a caption/small story, so I added one. 

I brought Amber a new camera after my dangerous snooping incident and I somehow convinced her to test it out on me for my editorial photo. I got all done up in workout gear and headed down to the gym for the perfect shot. Thought it would be fitting for me to have an athletic theme pic for the first entry in my portfolio.

Like I said, no scores. Scores will be combined now and revealed at the end.

It's a cute photo and it turned like I wanted, but I'm nervous about it. Everyone went the typical modeling route in an outdoor setting like the example. I feel like I should have done something more in that area with the styling at least.

I wanted to do something athletic though, because I wanted to do something that fit her jock/sporty personality. I haven't really showed that much of that side of her. I also wanted to try something different. 😅

I made the pose, because I can never find poses I want anymore. I added some highlights to her face and tummy. Fixed the bright glare on the treadmill and dumbbells. Brightened the color of the punching bag and threw in a sun flare. I also edit out a blurry non-rendered house in the back.

Overall the photo is a risk, but I hope it pays off. The next assignment is to create statement making shot that promotes a cause or issue. I got an idea...I think. I need to google my idea and get an example.

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