Wednesday, January 4, 2017

OBITUARIES - A2 and that's about. The comp been postponed/closed.

A2-Death By Fire
Drew had a little too much at the bar one night on Christmas eve. He came home all decked out in a Santa suit, put on some Christmas tunes, and decided to drunkenly dance with his Christmas tree. Then things became very un-merry and deadly when his tree fell into the fireplace all while he slumbered.

Sorta disappointed the comp is closed now, but I understand. Running a comp on top of other commitments is stressful. I know. Still I produced some really cool pics with this. The pic above is my favorite death pic so far. xD It also inspired me to make Drew. So it's not a total loss.

As for the photo itself, it was inspired by Christmas (duh). I was looking at my tree when I thought of it. Jendowoz was my mentor and she help me brainstorm though ideas as I was drawing a blank. The photo was pretty easy to make. The setting especially.....somewhat. I downloaded a lot Christmas clutter and the tree is cc too since the EA one had presents attached. I think the only thing that drove me crazy was getting the tree to lay down in the right spot. Oh and the fire effects were sorta annoying too as always. I did make Drew's pose myself as I couldn't find a drunk pose that sat on the floor like the above. I also edit the fur on his coat and hat, which was something new and fun. I think that's it.

Anyway, she plans on opening this up again around Halloween. I will probably not even be around or have time for it then. That's a long time. Hopefully this unique and interesting concept gets the attention it deserves. It was a fantastic comp ran by a fantastic and wonderful host, ArtsyAmy. Yes it was a little morbid, but it was tons of fun. I recommend it.

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