Sunday, July 26, 2015

Didn't feel like announcing my bday this year, but meh I'm ok

I figure I should mention that that happened earlier this month before the actual month is over with. My birthday (July 12th).

I wasn't in the mood to mention it or announce it or tell anyone really. I am glad The Mare's Nest mentioned it. That made me feel good. I appreciate those who wished me such as well. You guys are too sweet! Thank you. :) Still...I'm just not into my own birthday anymore. After 21, birthdays are just boring and depressing for me. I know I'm still young, but I can't stand the thought of turning another year older now. I'll be 30 soon. Bleh.

I didn't do much on the actual day. My Dad end up having to go to work the next day and I didn't feel like eating out. I'm on a diet now actually, so eating out for me is kind of a nightmare. I'm still pissed about the 900 calorie burger I ate, but I'll get to that later. Yes, I'm counting calories. I've become one of those people. *sigh* Anyway, I ended getting really upset, because I didn't do a damn thing really that day. I was being really moody too, which didn't really help the situation.

They did make it up to me the following weekend. They took me to the casino. I've been wanting to go. I've never been to one before. It kind of looks like something out of the movies. I even sat at the roulette table, but I didn't get to sit there long and it wasn't as cool as the movies. I lost 15 dollars on that stupid thing. -_- I spent most of the time on the slots though and won 40 dollars on the Walking Dead slot machines they have there. Then I sat there like an idiot and lost it all. lol I end up walking away with 28 dollars and I spent that on other various slot machines. So in a nut shell, I won nothing!!!! Woooo! I think the only thing I walked away with is an obsession to win back the 40 dollars I lost. I think that's how gambling addicts start. 0_o

We also ate at one of the restaurants in the casino. One of Bobby Flay's restaurants. I think that's his name. Everybody kept raving about this dude and his burgers, so we've been wanting to check the place out. The burgers were ok, but they weren't anything special. The milkshakes were really good though. A bit small, but good. The burger for me though was not worth the calories. 900 calories! Ahhhh! I'm trying to eat only 1200 calories a day, so 900 literally killed the rest of the day for me with food. I won't be doing that again. I didn't count the fries or milkshake, so I know I f'd up real bad that day.

As for the calorie talk and diets, I'm doing pretty good! I was eating a lot things that weren't great for me, not drinking much water, and just eating lots of desserts. It caught up to me unfortunately. My problem areas were my thighs, waist, and arms mostly. My thighs or legs have never been super thin, but they are actually thinning out a lot now. I'm also doing good with my waist. I'm getting my coke bottle figure back. Well it's pretty much there, but I don't want to get too happy too soon. I even have room in my jeans. I think the only thing left is my stupid ass arms. I f'ind hate them right now. It's like all the fat went under my arms and stayed there. They alone make me look heavier than I want. It pisses me off. I'm going make it a habit to exercise the crap out of them.

The whole weight thing is like one of the many things on my list in regards to health. I hope losing the pounds improves my other issues. Anyway....

I didn't spend my birthday money thankfully. I got quite a bit this year. More importantly I got new games!!!! Ahhhh! I got Story of the Seasons (basically another Harvest moon), Ace Attorney: Dual Destines on sale, and Life is Strange on PS4. I'm going have to buy Game of Thrones on Steam, but I need a card or something. Anyway, I'm in game heaven! Let me explain my feelings about each game....

Story of the Seasons- Basically Harvest Moon under a different name, but more complicated and different than I imagined. I should go back and set it on easy, but I'm too damn lazy to go through the long ass tutorial again. I'm really confused about the whole trading vendor stuff. I gotta get back into it and figure it out. Nerveless, beautiful graphics!

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies- It's an Ace Attorney game! Why wouldn't I love it?!!!  I'm not crazy about Apollo Justice being featured in it, but it's good so far. I think the only game Ace Attorney game I hated was the Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright game. I deserve this game after they forced me to solve all those damn puzzles! That was not an Ace Attorney game. It was a Professor Layton game with Phoenix shoehorned in. I will never play that again! I felt like it was a big ol slap to my face considering what Capcom did this to this series. Grrrrrrrr....Dual Destinies better be good! I still hate Capcom with a fiery passion! They were even too lazy and cheap to put this out in physical carriage form. Thank goodness I got wifi now. Asshole Capcom! FFS you make EA look like saints!

Life is Strange- I am officially hooked and in love! OMG! Epicness! It's like a Telltale game with the choice based stuff, but it's a young adult drama and your character can rewind time! Oooo Telltale got them some competition! I think Dontnod Entertainment might of even done a better job than TT. Seriously! It's amazing! It hit the 1 million download mark, so it's getting popular. It's only 19.99 for the whole season (5 episodes) right now. I think that's pretty cheap compared to Telltale and the horrendously overpriced PS4 games on the market now. It's on the PC and other platforms if you want to check it out. I just happened to buy it for the PS4, because I had no clue it was on the pc at the time. With me playing it on the console on the ol television, my grandmother does get to watch it and she even likes it. You would think she was watching a movie. lol If you do get it, click everything, pay attention to EVERYTHING, and use collectible mode to take photos you missed. :)

That's about it as in games. I might buy something else with my money, but I don't want to become overwhelmed. Now that I think of it, I don't have much to say about my birthday either. I went to casino, got some awesome games, got a little alcohol in me, and almost ruined my diet. lol I think that's it. I'm too tired to type anything else, so I'll leave it there. xD


  1. Hey Vidkid!

    I don't think I've responded to one of your blogs before, but I came across your Henry Edgars legacy and found it awesome. So ever since that I check your blog once in a while. I was sad to read that you didn't feel so great a few months earlier. I actually wrote a bigass reaction to that, but for some reason it wouldn't show up.

    In short, it said that I relate to a lot of things you write (I also really dig your humor, style of writing and taste in games/tv-series. Walking Dead!). So when you wrote about dealing with a disorder and feeling alone because you didn't have people to talk to about it, it affected me. I fight depression and anxiety attacks myself and know the importance of having caring people around you. I hope you're doing a little better now and I also hope that you can keep talking to your grandmother. And I won't feel bad if you don't take me up on this offer (since I am, after all, a complete stranger to you), but: if you ever want to talk, feel free to send me a message.

    OK, back to this post: a late happy birthday to you! Even though you don't really like your birthdays. Mine is coming up next week, am dreading it a little bit too. Goodbye 25... You shouldn't feel too bad about eating the burger by the way, enjoying things is just as important to happiness as being healthy :-) But good to hear you're achieving your dieting goals. I pretty much have to watch what I eat always, since I inherited the amazing ability to get fat by just looking at junk food. So I can imagine it's hard sometimes.

    Life is Strange is awesome, huh? I am counting down the seconds to tomorrow, because that's when episode 4 will come out. Did you also play all 3 episodes already?

    Well, have a nice week and enjoy playing your bought games! ;-)


  2. Hello Francisca. :)

    Sorry about your comment not showing up. Blogger is stupid like that sometimes. >_>

    Oh wow I didn't think many people were reading my legacy. I'm glad you were enjoying it. Hopefully I can pick it up again soon. It makes me a really happy that you like my blog so much tho and that you can relate to it. :D

    I'm better...well for now, but I always think that I'm beating my disorder and then boom I'm freaking out again and crying my eyeballs out. It's so weird. It like tricks me almost. I would like to think it will go away, but I'm sure it won't. I plan on making appointment this week since I think I'm done with birthday stuff and all. Hopefully my grandmother doesn't make up some excuse to keep me from going. I'm still able to talk to her, but I think she's hoping it goes away on it's own. She means well, but it can get pretty frustrating talking to her sometimes.

    I wouldn't mind messaging you. You seem like a really lovely person. Plus a lot of the friends I've met in the sims community have started off as strangers if you think about it. xD

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. I have hate-love relationship with my birthday. I don't want to celebrate it, but then if no does anything I get really upset. lol I think this year was even worse with my anxiety issues, but meh it sucks getting older no matter what. I feel like life is passing me by.

    I think if the burger was good, I wouldn't have felt so guilty afterwards about eating it. I thought it would be much better since it cost enough. It does feel good to cheat sometimes. When I started this diet, I knew it was no way hell I wasn't going eat cake or burgers every so often. I haven't even checked a scale, but I'm sure I lost something. Hopefully I can keep it up. It's definitely hard sometimes. Especially when someone brings chocolate chip cookies into the house. *drools* >_<

    Life is Strange is definitely amazing! I'm at the end of episode 3 with the whole flashback thing. I stopped there, because I know some crazy crap is about to happen. I'll probably play that tomorrow while episode 4 is downloading. I know EVERYBODY is going be downloading it, so it going take forever to install for me on that dang PS4.

    I don't know how to message you. I think it's a way to do with blogger and google. I'm happy to share my email with you if I don't figure it out. Just let me know. :)

  3. That's okay, I didn't blame you ;-) It was just too bad, because I thought you could use some cheering up and I saw my comment didn't show up a week or so later. I don't know about others, but I adored your legacy :p I was hooked, haha. I laughed so hard about the way you put things, one thing that cracked me up was the hotdog ghost in one of the earlier chapters and everybody in town hitting on Henry, even the men. There was a hilarious picture of the old bald guy from Midnight Hollow making a move on Henry. I actually downloaded Henry into my own game, but I always ended up tweaking him a little because I didn't want to spoil the image in my head of your legacy. He's just too good-looking to not download :p

    Talking to people who don't suffer from psychological trouble is always a bit frustrating. Probably because they want to be there for you, but they don't understand 100%. My depression started almost 2 years ago and although I'm feeling much better (thanks to medicine, luckily health care in The Netherlands is pretty good), but I still have difficult periods in which I cancel all my appointments and just crawl in a corner and cry. And people'll never say it, but I know they are thinking: are you still dealing with that? Isn't it over yet? I'm just glad the people close to me (parents, boyfriend) have read a lot about it, so they kind of understand how difficult it can be. Still, if you never experienced it, I can imagine it must be tough to really get it...

    I'm curious what disorder you suffer from? Besides anxiety... You can email it if you'd prefer that, I'll put my mailaddress at the end of this reaction.

    Haha I get what you mean by the birthday hate-love relationship. I don't like getting older either, my anxiety mainly sees to losing people dear to me and dying myself. So sometimes I really panic when I realize I am a year older and didn't really do anything major in the last year. I wish I could give you some tips, but I still struggle with it myself. But having some people over and being the center of attention for a day kinda feels good, so in that way birthdays are okay.

    What kind of burger was it? When I think of 900 calories I think of a huuuuuuuuge burger haha, about three stories tall haha. I can imagine you felt guilty because it wasn't really good. It's a bit of a waste of your cheating 'opportunities'. I always try to only eat a 'bad' thing when I want it so bad I can't stop thinking about it. Or when I'm sure it's really good. I'm sure if you got back on track after that one bad moment, you lost something. Even if it's in cm's. Your body tends to correct it automatically, I read somewhere. Oooo, chocolate chip cookies, stupid temptations...

    You're so smart to have ended the episode right before the flashback. Crazy crap is the right word, I think it'll be more fun to watch it knowing you can play further, because I was biting my nails and longing for episode 4 after ep3. I want to know what happens!!! Speaking of it, I guess it's time to see if it's already on Steam! :-D

    You can message me on, I also have a private mailaddress (the Nineveh one is especially for Sims correspondation/my wishacy), that I check more often. But I can give you that through email, since I'd rather not post it here in public! :)

    1. I'm so late answering this and it's probably pointless now, but thank you for everything and I'm glad you like Henry. :P And the burger was just a burger with bacon and blue cheese. I could of done without the blue cheese. >_<


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