Saturday, July 11, 2015

Alternative Simming- My Finale Scores are finally here!

Vid with Violet
I did it! I won! *phew* :D

Overall image 9/10
Alternative Quality 9/10
Assignment 10/10
Creativity 8/10
Styling 9/10
This is a great picture Vid. I absolutely love how Violet's hair has movement and you can see the snow swirling around in the wind in front of her, it really adds realism and depth to the picture. Her outfit is amazing and you kept it gothic as well which is great. I just wish the wolf was more visible, it blends into the background too much. I would have liked it looking at her snarling, maybe even have the background darker so all you could see was a dark figure with glowing eyes or something spooky like that. Apart from that I like it, you did really well.

Overall image 8/10
Alternative Quality 10/10
Assignment 10/10
Creativity 8/10
Styling 8/10
Really great photo Vid. There's really not much to criticize here. The background looks great. I prolly would have chosen a longer dress, but the styling was great. Love the use of the crow, it's just the basket would have been better near her feet. I feel my eyes wander to it instead of the model, and that's probably because there is nothing on the other side of her to balance it.

Overall image 9/10
Alternative Quality 8/10
Assignment 10/10
Creativity 9/10
Styling 8/10
I love the sense of movement in this photo, it really brings it up a notch and makes it wonderful to look at. You did a great job on the hair and wind, and we can clearly see what your fairy tale is. The gothic-ness is spot on in this photo too! Well done!

I'm very relieved to have come in 1st for this, because I was really nervous about it. It didn't all go as planned as usual. I also took some risk that could of easily backfired on me. Guess it was worth it.

The overall idea for this was to make Red look like a badass warrior that was in control of the wolf. I wanted the overall look to have an almost anime feel with the blowing hair and the huge wolf, but I knew I had keep it gothic. I also was inspired by the Red Riding Hood movie they made some years back that I barely remember. I think the only thing I do remember from that movie is the snowy setting. I liked the idea of the red popping on the white, so I went with that.

The major thing that didn't go as plan for me was the wolf. I would of liked it a bit more closer and more present in the shot, but I used an enlarged decor wolf. The thing does look great regular size, but enlarging it to the size in the photo made the quality go down a bit and it looked hella fake. So I moved it to the back and enhanced it the best I could with some editing. I knew someone would mention the wolf being too far back. Ugh.

Thankfully my model made up for the wolf issue. I'm so proud of my styling for this. I know the judges were really adamant about keeping the gothic theme, so I made sure it read as gothic! I feel like the plaid really brings this into that realm and gives it a fun flair. I don't know what made me think of using plaid, but I knew I had to mix up her typical red outfit. Then I went with black makeup to be safe and edited it on a scar on her face for fun.

The hood and hair was of course a major part of the styling. I was able to get away with not using a hood for my Senior High Halloween entry, but I knew I had to have a hood this time. The hood is CC, but I edited it a lot and shaped it in the front using the hair. I even drew parts of it to shape it some more. I edited hair stock in and made it look like it was under her hood during this process. The hair is not one complete hair stock though. I pasted pieces together to get the desired hairstyle. Then when that was done, I added more snow and made the hair look like it was blowing in the wind. The rest of the editing was enhancements like the crow, blood, and the wolf's makeover.

So yeah that's it. I really enjoyed this comp. It was challenging, but fun! I'm glad I was able to finish it out strong.

B/w Neiph is suppose to be making us siggies, but I'm not pressed for one since she seems busy. If I do get a siggie for this, I'll add it here and to my sig on the site. :)

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