Friday, July 17, 2015

IN FOCUS: Cycle 1: Mock Scores. I got eliminated. :/

I joined this comp, because it was a quick fast one with only 5 assignments. Unfortunately it was quicker experience for me.

Eleventh Place:
Vid with Kelly Candace (lips)
I didn't think it was that bad or worthy of last place, but oh well!

61.5 points
Quality: 7/10
Styling: 7/10
Creativity: 8/10
Requirements: 5/5
Overall: 3/5
Community Vote: /5
Gorgeous lips! Red always looks so good as the only color and here you did it wonderfully! I love the pose and her makeup, but I am a little on the fence about the hair choice. I like it, and then I don’t. I like the slicked back, but maybe it’s too short at the end? And the smoke, if it’s from a cigarette, it should have been present, but if it wasn’t… then what was it? I dunno, but this look was cool as a finished product!!

Quality: 8/10
Styling: 8/10
Creativity: 7/10
Requirements: 5/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Total: 31.5/40
Lovely entry, Vid! I love the pop of red, and the colors here. Her makeup looks amazing. I like the smoke coming from her lips, although I feel you could have done without it. But it does stand out from other lip entries, so it’s good! My only complaint is that her hands looks a tad weird. Besides that, well done!

I'm slightly tasting the bitterness of sore loserness, but I'm going try really hard not be that person. I hate those type of people. 

Anywhooooo, I'm very annoyed and even a bit pissed that I got eliminated on the freaking 1st assignment. Heck it wasn't even technically the 1st. It was the freaking mock! It burns! It burns! Like I could of at least made it to 1st official assignment and got kicked off. That's all I say, because I don't want to whine or complain too much. 

I think the only thing I might of done differently was make it black & white with the red being the pop of color. Meh, I was trying to do something different.

I'm also very annoyed that I got no votes whatsoever on my pic from the community poll. I guess me and my pic were too unpopular to get a measly vote. Woooo! -_-

The next assignment for me is to take a break from all things sims including comps. They were going have a male cycle, but I don't know if I even want to enter that now. I'll probably won't even be in the mood for it. *sigh* Well maybe I will. I don't know. Anyway, all the comps I was in are over with and I don't even have this now, so I have no real reason to be around this blog or the community. I guess it's time to take a real break. Well till my enthusiasm for other games runs out anyway. I'll a post about that in a few before I truly disappear.

P.S./Edit: This is my beautiful model. I should really sit down and make an effort to upload her. Damn my laziness!


  1. Just looked at all the totally did NOT deserve last place! I really love this picture. It's very sensual and mysterious. I don't know why you got eliminated when there were pics submitted where you don't even see the model's face?! Keep your chin up, hun. I think you did great!

  2. I feel ya Vid. This was worthy of votes and of a better placement. I truly adored it. The cig could have been in the other hand, and the look of your model is so Madonna. I never even checked to see if I got votes . . .I don't even care.
    I decided to join Simatography, so after these comps I am in are over, I'll probably be there more.

  3. Hmm, the cig could have been in the other hand and therefore out of sight. If the cig was in the hand on her neck, possible burning or I dunno, who holds their cig when they're holding their neck? Logic!

  4. Hello ladies! I would of replied back to you sooner, but my weekend got kind of busy. :D Thank you so much you two. Means a lot coming from the both of you. :)

    I guess it's matter of personal taste. I didn't think I would get 1st or any of the top spots thats for sure, but I didn't think I would get eliminated. I was definitely surprised. I was even shocked by the other elimination. The other one who did lips with purple lipstick. I thought that was worthy of a better spot as well. I was sweating bullets when she popped up with hers, because I thought she did a really good job. It's a shame she got eliminated too.

    As for the photos that you couldn't see the model's faces, it's definitely a matter of personal taste. We all have different judge styles and taste, so maybe that's just what they wanted and mines wasn't exactly what they were looking for. But you know I can't knock those non-face photos really tho, because some of those were done really well. :)

    As for the cig comment, I almost put a cigarette in her hand and changed my mind for the exact same reason you mentioned LE. Who holds a cig in their hand while holding their neck? Ouch much. lol I thought it would be stupid looking and distracting too, so I left it out. It could be in her other hand though. xD

    But meh oh well! I tried! This rant and your comments did make me feel better, so wooo! :)

  5. Glad ya feel better! And true it is personal taste and we should respect each other for it. I mean it is definitely weird to not see a face, but when they do an ad for shoes they don't show the face just the legs sometimes, and if the photo is well done, then it still looks good.

    I decided to start my own mini-comp so I'll see how that goes, but I prolly won't be joining any more comps and just finish out the ones I am in. I have some CC to make, a house to plan and finish building, an adventure to right about, piccies to create (but not for competitions) so I'd say my plate is pretty much full.

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