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Senior High Cycle 3: Underworld Campus - Finale Scores

VID & LUNA - 90 points

2nd!!!! Heck yeah! I'll take it!

Finale Remarks/Scores
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 8/10
Story Cohesion: 9/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 46/50
Well, that was an interesting turn of events. Luna is adorable still – even with her checkered past. I like that you brought her father into the picture and I think the crazy mom/ghost stepdad were great additions as well. I’m sorry Luna was expelled! That’s no fun! But you did amazingly. Great work!

gnXaRvU.png Maggie
Creep Factor: 4/5
Story Creativity: 8/10
Story Cohesion: 9/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 4/5
Total: 44/50
Oh Luna, I love her determination to find out the truth. I love how you ended this. This chapter in Luna’s life is over and she’s ready to move on. Too bad this comp is over, because I could read your stories forever! I really liked your photo! Your set was great, all the elements were there that needed to be, and her pose is great! No complaints! This is what I expected for a finale!

My brain stopped working for this comp. Right at the end too. The last few assignments just came at a really awful times for me. I'm surprised I was able think of something half way decent and get 2nd. It's a freaking miracle! lol

The assignment was to end my story with a reveal of a dark secret. I really didn't know how to end my story, but I knew what the dark secret was going be. Luna's real father was always a werewolf in my head, so I planned on introducing him at some point. Then the idea of Luna finding out about how she killed the man she thought was her father was always a thought. Just solving her whole memory issues seen fitting for the finale/end.

For some reason I still end up doing two photos. One was back at the circus and the other was what you see above. The circus photo was full of extras and stuff, but it was way too dark lighting wise. Her father also wasn't close enough in the photo, which kind of made the secret thing not so prominent. It overall didn't really touch on the whole secret thing though, so I scrapped it and did it over stretching my extension an extra day. >_<

As for this photo, Luna's mom wasn't planned. I was inspired by my last entry for Vampire Immortality, which featured a very creepy reunion. As for the ghost, I wanted to show the effects of Keith's vision/ghost powers on Luna. It made more sense considering my previous entries.

I couldn't settle on a setting either really. I did want to do a graduation setting for my photo originally, but it didn't really fit with my idea well. So I decided to bring Luna's childhood home back into play and make it look dilapidated for fun.

I think it all turned out ok. My brain wasn't working really (much like now), so I did the best that I could with everything. Still can't think of anything different I would do.

Nevertheless, this comp was a lot fun just like last cycle. I'm glad it's over as I don't think I can handle anymore story writing right now, but it was fun.

Well....Have fun reading the end. Hopefully it's enjoyable to you.

I never thought it would end this way. I never thought I would get expelled, but I had broke the worse rule in the book. I had wounded and almost killed a fellow classmate. Thankfully Keith had survived, but it wasn't enough to save me from my fate. He was badly wounded by my claws and it's against the rules to attack other students with such force, so I was expelled without much thought. Grey also met the same fate unfortunately for being an accomplice to my crimes, but he wasn't too bother by it oddly. He had places to go and things to do I guess, but for me it was devastating. I had no where to go. No where to stay. No friends. No family. The circus and the cage I once called home was out of the question. I refused to go back to those nasty freaks. Maybe the old Luna would of went with her tail between her legs, but the new me was determined to do something with the knowledge of her past.

I had to get to the bottom of the visions I saw on prom night. I had to make sense of the blur that was my past. Keith's touch or maybe his blood had did something to me. I thought maybe Tabitha's spell had knocked a few screws loose when I was hospitalized after the prom, but it was nothing more than a stunning spell she hit it us with and such a spell is harmless. So I was quite confused to see a floating figure above my bed in the infirmary. Yes, the spirits he spoke of started coming to me vividly! They couldn't speak to me as they spoke to him, but I could see them mouth words and I could see the sorrow on their faces. I tossed and turned all night looking at their sullen expressions. I almost thought I had been cursed, but after leaving school I came to the realization that this would be my quest.

I knew deep down inside this had to be a solo mission. I didn't want Grey to come with me and I knew my relationship with Tabitha was hopeless now. They wouldn't understand anyway if I could bring them along. They couldn't see what I saw. The spirits didn't do much in my present, but one spirit in particular seemed to be telling me something. That spirit was believed to be my father. He was red in color, but his face was adorned with scratches and his body had gaping holes with what appeared to be liquid of pouring out of them. He was frightening to look at and I often hid under the covers from him when I was on the mend, but I became fascinated by him as he was different from the others. He pointed and he would even grab at my arms when he seemed the most frustrated. He wanted me to see something. I was hesitant to follow a ghost of course, but after the events that followed prom I had nothing else to do and he was the only thing that connected me to the visions I saw.

So after taking one last look at the school, I went off on my quest and the ghost led me to a broken down mansion. The mansion was my childhood home. The ghost floated right through the door and I stood there in shock. I hadn't see this house since being sold to the circus. It was both amazing and horrifying to see it in a such dilapidated state. Feeling a little afraid I made myself step forward and the door pushed open with ease. I walked into a big room that was once a living room and peered around looking at what was left. It was empty and full of dust. Dust covered every surface and webs decorated every corner. Then I saw the blood stains. They were on the floors and on the walls. I shivered looking at the blood. The visions of corpses flashed through my mind in that instance and I almost turned around to leave, but something caught my eye. A stuff animal. A small bunny stained in blood. 'Was it mine?' I asked myself peering down at it. I bent down to pick it up and examine it, but a voice made me stop in my tracks.

"Who's there?" a woman voice rung out. The floor creaked as her foot steps came closer to me and then she stopped gasping. "You..yyyou...don't move!"

I thought about running, but I heard a click that sounded like a gun. Then she spoke again sounding more crazed than before, but oddly familiar. "I knew you would come back. I waited for you! You've come to kill me haven't you?"


"You're not my daughter. I should of killed you in your crib. You killed the only man I loved. That man made you kill him! Right?" she sobbed. "This gun....this gun has silver! I'll kill the both of you!"

I could hear the gun the shaking in her hand and I could tell she was pointing it at me. I didn't think I was going die, but I wasn't entirely sure if I would make it unscathed. Then I heard the door slam open and a man voice called out for me. I didn't turn around. I was too scared to, but the voice didn't sound like Grey. It didn't sound like anyone I knew, but the man made quick work of the woman and the gun came sliding pass me as it hit the floor.
I got up slowly and turned around. The man was standing behind me breathing heavily. The woman was on the floor and the spirit faded away looking displeased.

"Who was that? That was my....? Who are you?" I said feeling completely puzzled.

"You don't recognize me?" he said still breathing heavily.

I looked up into his face stunned. His red hair and faced almost mirrored mine. "You're....

"I'm you're father, Luna. I'm sorry. I should of never gave you away. I should of never let her take you away from me." he sighed. "Look I've been watching you, but I only did so to make sure you were safe. Are you ok? She didn't hurt you right?"

"But who is she? I thought she...never mind. And who was that?" I said pointing at where the spirit once stood.

"Well that woman is your mother. Completely insane and human, but you're mother." he said as he watch me stare down at my claws. "You took after me."

"But the man..." I said pointing again.

"What man?," he followed my gaze wrinkling his brows. I stopped realizing I must sound crazy pointing at nothing. He looked for awhile at the spot trying to understand, but I took it upon myself to head for the door. He followed.

I stopped right outside and stood there gathering my thoughts. I remembered everything now. I was a little girl with powers she didn't understand and a hunger that never died. I killed the maids and the butlers who tended to me. I killed a little girl who dared played with me. I even killed pets that were given to me, but killing the man my mother had married was the last straw. She sold me to the circus, because she was afraid of me and she was angry. She also had long been ashamed of me. I represented the affair she had. She often got in arguments with her husband about me. I looked nothing like either of them with my red hair and odd looking features. I almost pity my mother for having me. How horrible must it been to have a daughter like me.

"So where to now?" I said finding my voice again.

"You're willing to go...? Anywhere you like."

"Well let's get away from here then," I said coldly. "I can't stand to look at it anymore."

We walked off side by side in silence into the cover of the forest. We didn't speak, but we didn't need to. I was finally the person I was meant to be and I had finally found where I belonged. It all made sense now. 

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