Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My slightly short review on the Fear The Walking Dead pilot!

Hi! I'm back to tell you how I feel about Fear the...blah blah...blah
My exact feelings on the pilot for the new series. Zzzzzzz....
Possible spoiling, so spoiler Alert....

Here I go. 1, 2, 3.....

Everything wrong with Fear the Walking Dead....
1. The character are bland and stupid! Who the f*** goes in a drug den at night to confirm if they'll son is telling the truth about walkers? I don't even care about the reason. You're going in a drug den at night?! You freaking moron! Ugh, but that's just the stupid part. The father and mother are just as exciting as cardboard boxes with no chemistry. The daughter is your typical whiny teen. The son is the cleanest drug addict around who can survive getting hit by a car and escape from a hospital. And TWD writers expect us to be interested in their day to day lives while they all discuss how everyone is getting sick while not showing the actual illness in action. Oh FFS!

2. The lead so far is the drug addict son. We're suppose to be rooting for him? TBH I'm confused about who's the lead and who I'm rooting for really. Right now I want the zombies to eat them all and the credits to roll. 

3. Two zombies. That's all they showed. At least show what's going in the hospital! Everybody keeps talking about people getting sick and they show none of it! They didn't even show a sick student. (The mom is a teacher)

4. One of the two black guys who happens to be a drug dealer (wonderful image) gets killed. Then he turns, which is hella confusing since in the original not everyone turned when they died. It took them to season 2 to discover that with Shane.

5. It brings nothing new to the table and it will essentially become the same damn show by Season 2 rolls around. Yes, it's already renewed for another season. Why? How much else can you tell in a prequel?! Rick wasn't in a coma that long!

6. Most of the pilot consisted of them trying to find their son and prove his story of walkers. Like who cares?! So much time wasted on nothing!

7. It was boring. Flat out boring. Rick barely talked in the TWD pilot and he captured my interest. These people just have nothing going for them and it's just so freaking boring. I wasted a hour and a half of my life. Even my father left to take a nap on it. 

And finally...
8. The title is beyond stupid and I refuse to say the whole thing.

If they're going to do a proper prequel series, it should be more like the movies Contagion and the Crazies. Show the confusion, introduce us to the family, but show the beginnings of the illness that caused the walkers. It doesn't have to be all action and it doesn't have to be loads of zombies, but make us care about these people who have no idea what's coming to them without making them total idiots. A pilot should make you care about these people and set the tone, so you tune in next week! No tone was set and I can care less right now.

And I almost got in a fight on a tv blog for calling this crap a snoozefest under comments. "Don't compare it to TWD" they say. "It's only the 1st ep!" Well don't make a spinoff of a show that's currently still on and not wow us with the 1st ep! I don't care how much you defend it! A turd is a turd no matter if you dress it up with glitter and stickers. Much like TS4 *snickers*, but seriously so far it is a rating-grabbing needless turd. I'll give it one more chance, but I'm done if it doesn't pull me in next week. 

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