Saturday, August 29, 2015

OMG PS4 Until Dawn!!! My reactions while playing the game...

My most common verbal reactions: Oh sh*t! WTF?! AHHHHH! Oh sh*t*! OMG?! Noooo!!!

Visually using a crap load of gifs in order starting from....

Me at the beginning of the game....
"Hehe this game is going be awesome...oh f****! Ahhh! What the hell?!"
Me going down the various creepy hallways and dark paths
Me when someone dies or in some cases captured.
Me again when someone dies.
Me after I'm done playing! Totally f'ed up!

My overall review on this game...

Better than cool! It's awesome! It's both amazing and incredibly disturbing! I f'ing love it! Like it scares the crap out of me, but I'm already planning to play it over again and I haven't even finished it yet. It is so much scarier than I imagined, but it's so much fun!!! I don't even play super scary horror games like this. Heck, I even thought it might be lame, but it is perfection! A must buy for any PS4 owner! 

B/w It's a decision based game like Telltale's games, but horror in case you didn't know. ;) It's like a pinch of Life is Strange mixed with a slasher movie (like Jason), mixed with Saw, mixed with all my nightmares with beautiful graphics. It's lovely. They even do the whole decision and consequence thing better than Telltale in a way. Decisions definitely matter! Like things you weren't even thinking about at the time will pop up and bite you in the ass. You can't go back to change them either!

So buy it, so you can be disturbed with me. I'm going need a support group when I'm done. 

P.S. And no I don't even dare play it at night! I'm not crazy!

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