Monday, January 19, 2015

What the Sim am I up to? (January edition)

Hi! What the sim am I up to? Stuff and things. Haha TWD joke. This is just a quick update of my simming with pics. So what the sim am I up to?

I started a save with my simself. *points at the chick at the computer*
She has a rockstar boyfriend who looks like the Brad Pitt of rockstars. He cooks, cleans, and serenades me. Very realistic. :P That's excatly the face I would make if I met such an individual. 
I played around a little in Sunlit Tides with Shawn and Ethan to get away from rl winter. Gawd I miss summer.

I haven't spent that much time CAS lately, but I did make these ladies....
Marcie Matters. I think of her as the female Liam. I'm tempted to have Liam date her.
Then we got Violet Blackstone. I made this chick for a comp called "Alternative Simming" (pssh join). I love how badass she looks.
Then we got my poor attempt at Michonne from Walking Dead. She's a pain in my side.

I need dreads. I have dreads for males, but not for females. :/

As for off topic activities...
I love Sherlock. Holmes! We'll practically related since he has my last name and all. That's your fun fact for the day. xD I brought this game for the PS4. I just started it, so I haven't got deep into yet. I do love I can change his clothes and give him a top hat. Top hats are awesome! :D

My only question is why does Watson still live with him? Stuff that makes you say "hmmmm...", but naw I'm joking. My dirty brain couldn't help, but think that though. ;p

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