Friday, January 9, 2015

Magnificent: Cycle One - Assignment 1 & Scores

Ugh more comp stuff you say? Well let me get this out the way first. :P

Vid with Queen Lilith of the East High Garden
I wasn't expecting to score this high. o_o

Quality: 4.5/5
Appearance: 10/10
Powerfulness: 9/10
Creativity: 10/10
Requirements: 5/5
I love this shot Vid! Lilith looks absolutely stunning! Your efforts with drawing her clothing paid of greatly! She looks unique and her red locks really pop!
You are the one to watch in this comp, I see you as the darkhorse, amazing work, love love love! ;)

Quality: 4/5
Appearance: 9/10
Powerfulness: 8/10
Creativity: 9/10
Requirements: 5/5
Total: 35/40
Wow this photo is so enticing! I really love how her hand is out trying to get you to come hither. I wish that your queen had more eye contact with the camera. Overall
thought this was a nice shot!
Overall: 73.5

The assignment was to show my queen with wings. My queen is plant based, so I was like "Whaaaat...", so I had to improvise and work the wings in somehow. My original idea was to put vines all over the wings, but I figured that would be a lot to look at after I did a whole outfit made of vines. The overall idea though was show my queen sucking the life and beauty out of the forest, which gives her these new powerful wings. 

I'm shocked that I got 3rd, because I wasn't happy with her custom pasted/drawn outfit. I wanted it to be more sexier than that, but then I kept reminding myself how the ban hammer might come after me if I go too sexy. So I toned it down a lot and kind of wish I had made a dress or just made use of something in CAS. Anywhoo, they liked it and I guess I shouldn't complain. xD

The wings are also edited on and I'm quite happy with how those turned out. I was nervous about editing those in. I also fiddled around with the ends of her hair. I did a lot of experimenting with this photo. 

The next assignment is show her her bad side and good side battling. I have some ideas, but I may need to sit on it on more and think about it. >_<


  1. Twigs would have also made for some nice wings for a plant based queen. Great pic Vid and congrats on third :)

    1. LE!!! *glomps* Long time no see. :) I never even thought of twigs. That's a good idea. >_< Thank you tho. :D


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