Friday, January 2, 2015

@Mares In regards to The Last of Us, it's Tess

Yep, it would be Tess. I always forget her name. Ellie too sometimes gets in the way, but she has a excuse being a child and all. Tess is just annoying and does nothing, but stand there while I'm doing all the shooting sometimes. Then sometimes I'll look over and she's getting chocked by a guard. Aghhhh! Drives me crazy.
I haven't played this game since the other day since the motion sickness. -_-

As for Grand Theft Auto, I think the characters I'm forced to play right now is the problem. Franklin Clinton I think his name is. Him and his buddy don't interest me and I absolutely hate the derogatory term they constantly call themselves/each other. I also feel like I see those type of guys everyday in a way irl and that's bad enough. The so called "gangsters"/walking stereotypes. I'm so sick of that. I haven't got to play the other two characters much, so I can't say if I like them or not. Gotta play more. Maybe Franklin will win me over. Meh. It would be nice if Grand Theft Auto would change it up a bit and let players create their own character. I get so tired of having to play as guy characters. :/

*raises glass* Cheers Mares! Glad I was the topic of your last post of 2014. :P

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