Monday, January 26, 2015

The Sims 4 Free Trial: 2 days and only 4 hours of play!

Well my free trial is over already. The timer started Friday night when I downloaded it. I didn't get to play, but 4 hours (well 5 hours according to EA). 

I guess BS EA didn't expect me to eat, sleep, or have a f'ing life in these two days, so the review I planned is going be cut short. I don't know why they had a time counter when they were going just end the trial after two days!

So this is somewhat of a review. The real review will follow. These are pics mixed with criticisms. 
TS4. You're in TS4.

DAY 1: A quick version of my Simself
Dreary ugly house is dreary! 

 Ehhhh better? You literally have to add several light to make up for EA's interior lighting. I know this one of the cheap starter houses, but damn.

Let's go for a jog! Following her was incredibly annoying, because it doesn't automatically follow her. You have to right and left click on the mouse for the camera to follow. The game is not open world, so you would think that it would automatically do that on it's own.
 Having enough of running around the "neighborhood", I decided to visit the community lots.
 Oh wow! Chess!!! I always wanted chess in sims. How exciting! Oh yeah I can do that in TS3.
This is so exciting! I can't contain my enthusiasm. 
A rock? A giant turd?
It's a giant turd! Oh wait no it's a log. A ugly one.
 Time to harass the kids. Got nothing else to do.
No you don't look suspicious at all Vid.
Love how the mom fell asleep. 
I remember a friend once took a picture of me at a party doing this exact thing and put it on facebook as a joke. I looked awful. lol  The fact I thought of this story while playing pretty much shows you how interested I was in this game.
 *gasp* TS4: Invasion of the Body Snatchers! Look how they're just standing there.
 No more idle sims my ass!
 Ahhh the pink trees!!!! Run!
 My sim was so bored and annoyed she started making enemies with the kids.
 Time for a drink. We need one after playing this mess.

Tell jokes. They even made this boring. 
Talking and flirting with Don Lothario. I think he may be the only guy in town with hair that I've seen.
 She got turned down. They made it harder to make relationships. Some people said it was too easy in TS3, but I never complained. I find the pace to be too slow.
 Oh real excitement! Fire!
Yep stand there like a moron. I'm seeing real emotions here!
 Funnily enough I had her stand around for awhile waiting for the firemen to come. I thought "hey I could set her up with a fireman." Well there's no fireman in this game, so yeah I was letting my house burn for nothing.
 Geez do they have to do everything themselves? Putting out fires, gardening, doing repairs. They don't even have police despite having a criminal career. Where is everyone?!
 No pizza service either. Suck it up and make a salad!
 Haha cooking on a burnt stove. That's safe.
 OMG painting! Oh wait that's in TS3 too.
 The gym was also a bore. 
Me too. Me too.

DAY 2: Using my CAS demo sims
I figured out how to transfer them to the main game. I figure it wouldn't be fair to use just my simself  since I can get bored with her in TS3. So I decided to use TS4 Ethan and Shawn.
 I remade them with the demo for fun. Shawn is missing his trademark ponytail and he doesn't look as handsome, but they look similar. I also made his nose a little bigger after seeing him in-game.
Ethan's TS4 look-alike isn't bad either, but he loss his charm as well.
Loading screen... Clubbing! Like we haven't had this before.
 The bartender appears to be glitched. Everything worked the first time I played, but this time she doesn't give me my drink and just keep charging me 10 simoleons. 
OMG she's fishing! How new is that?!
 He's tired, but he still has that goofy ass expression his damn face.
 Fake scenery! Beautiful!
 Actually this is new and is pretty cool. Too bad they don't have bunkbeds though. Oh sorry. It's hard to stay positive, but seriously no bunk bed again?!
 Chatting, because when you're not clubbing, working out the at the gym or reading at the library, you're talking A LOT!
 That's cute. He's cheering her up. See I said something nice without saying something negative. Do I get a cookie?
 Gawd Ethan! You look horrid in TS4. TS3 Ethan would scowl and flip him the bird.
More talking.
 Oh yeah! EMOTIONS (overhyped and glorified moodlets)! He's tense.
 Then he walked home sad. I guess these EMOTION do work a little differently, but they have them verging on being schizophrenic or better yet bi-polar. One min they're sad, one sec they're mad, and then they're happy again. At least with moodlets not all your sims were verging on insanity.
 Crying it out under the blankets. I have no idea why.
 Now he's back being angry.
As I said EA didn't expect anyone to have a life over the weekend, so this is literally as far as I got. Kind of pissed. I'm kind of both angry and relieved. Uh oh I sound like a TS4 sim.... 

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