Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Modeling Comp hosted by me: Claim To Fame Modeling

UPDATE: Postponed!!!

Hey kid! You want to be famous? Well here’s your time to shine! Rather you have talent or just a pretty face, we’re here to make you a star! Be an Actor, model, singer, or even a reality stars. Just follow our guidance and we can guarantee you at least 15 minutes of fame. We'll even help you book gigs and teach you how to deal with the pesky media all while starting the latest fashion trend. So sign here on the dotted line and get ready for the ride of your life. Hollywood is waiting for you! What’s your claim to fame?

P.S. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

Note: Unlike my previous comp, this is strictly modeling.

Assignments will go like this:

For these assignment, you guessed it you'll doing advertisements, promotional shots, and movie posters! Depending on your aspiration, you'll be doing at least one of these type of shots.

For these assignments, the paparazzi is on the attack! Ahhh! Rather you'll out on the town or in the club, the paps and the tabloids are looking for a juicy story. Fashionable outings and scandals to be more specific!

So far I only have reserves and not many. >_<  If you want to join go here:

I only decided to do this, because I had the idea in my head and I was able to plan out a list of assignments. Hopefully things pick up.

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