Saturday, September 15, 2018

Bad Boys & Broads (named changed): Round 3 Pic & Scores

🔮 ROUND 3 - Gypsy Pair 🔮
Come one! Come all! For just $ $10 we can predict your future. No refunds though. Drew means it.

I did better than I thought, so yay.

I was originally going for another idea that had Drew as a cursed puppet with Jade holding the strings, but it fell through and he would have been sorta tiny in that pic. So Drew got a break and he was quite relieved. lol Plus they wouldn't be considered a "gypsy couple".  So last minute, I was like  fu****kkkkkk and came up with this. I don't hate it. It's actually not bad for last minute. It's a really cool in-game pic. Having them as seedy scam artist/ psychics also made me laugh. I've done the whole evil psychic with the crystal ball before and I've done the cursed doll thing before too, so this is a sort of change of pace.

I didn't have to do much editing with it being in-game also, so that saved me some time. The only thing I edited in/added was the poster, Jade's headscarf, and her taborine. I even somehow made the two poses myself with the little time I had left. I would redo Drew's pose and pose his legs better, but I did pretty good for rushing. My setting even turned out nice. EA may suck, but I'm glad the store is chalk full of nice sets like the circus one.

Well, the next round had me turning these two into super villains. I did it the other day with a day to spare. Still wasn't easy. TBH, I didn't know I had a day to spare till the night before completing it. xD Anway, I based the styling and setting off of two specific batman villains. Villians I mentioned in a previous post for this comp. ;) It's a fun pic, but I know I'm taking a risk. Hopefully, it pays off.

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