Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bad Boys & Broads: Round 4 Pic & Scores

🃏 ROUND 4 - Super Villians 🃏
I was robbed! 
Well, I feel like it. Was hoping for 2nd or higher. Oh well. No need to get greedy I guess. 😕

Anywhoo, guess who! xP

Feedback from Vanadis for everyone for Round 4 - Super Villians
I have my own opinions of Harley and the Joker, but I'll keep them out of here. I love what you did with their styling. Did you take this background screenshot in Arkham Asylum? It's very nice and fits with Sim quality (I've done it with that game as well as some others.) I adore the expression on the Joker's face. About time you did something powerful with Drew, haha! Usually, the poor guy gets the short straw in the draw. I mean, I can't find much fault here. For real. It's great!

I was inspired by Joker and Harley Quinn of course. I probably should have done something original as in villains, but I really wanted to transform these two into them since they reminded me of Joker and Harley. Maybe that's where I went wrong though because everyone else created their own villains. 😕

I'm still really happy with this pic. I think it could fit in with my superman pic. Well, in a cool sorta superhero series. 😊

As for the background, it's Blackgate Prison. I found it on google images. So yeah it's actually from the Batman series. If you can't tell I love Batman and everything Batman related. I hate the most recent Batman movies though. Ben Affleck sucks as Batman! Yuck! No. I like all the 90s movies and cartoons. That's my Batman. Dark, badass, but still a lot of fun! Damn Telltale for going bankrupt before making another season of their Batman! It had improved so much in Season 2. 😭😠

Oh back to my piccie. I almost gave up because it was quite a pain in the ass. The editing alone was tedious and annoying. Luckily for me, TS3 has some good Harley Quinn CC and some poses. That helped a lot. That and my imagination hasn't gone to sh*t.

Editing basically consisted of cutting out my duo, editing the crap out of my once blurry background, adding flames, adding lighting effects from those flames, adding the bat signal in the sky, and fixing/tweaking stuff on the sims itself. *groans*

The next assignment is mad scientist-themed. I have no ideas. All I've done is downloaded a pose and accessory for it. I have no ideas. 😐  I wonder if I should just drop out. I feel like I'm running out of steam and my life is about to get busier soon. Hopefully, I can think of something though. It's getting close to the end I think. Wish me luck.

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