Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Walking Dead: Daryl & co., street signs, and the sisters!

Look at the spoiler warnings! Just look at the warnings guys! Sooo spoiler alert!!! Do not read pass this point at less you want me to spoil the whole second half  of Season 4 for ya! You been warned!

I'm about to go into some serious spoilers! I repeat serious spoilers after this point!!!! This is the last warning!

Ok, I'm going do this post by groups. First I'm going to ramble about the insane last ep with Carol, Tyrese and the girls! Then I'll get into the whole Darly and Beth thing. Then I'll slightly mention Maggie's group.

Ok Carol & Tyrese's group! OMG!!!! I'm still shock after that episode! Wow! Just wow! I can't believe Lizzie took it that far! She killed her little sister! She actually killed her! I knew the little sister would end up dying soon, but not like that. I did not picture it that way. It was actually really heartbreaking. I was bored and disappointed by the previous episode, but this made up for it!

This probably is the first episode that I actually didn't hate or dislike Carol one bit. The actress did an outstanding job portraying the guilt and sadness Carol felt during this ep. I think the confession and everything that happened really made me feel sorry for her.

The little girls were also awesome! Seeing Lizzie playing with a zombie was so freaking creepy! I knew she was the one feeding the rats!!! I found the dynamic between the sisters interesting. Funny how the youngest had more sense and smarts than her, but in way she had her owm faults not being able to kill the living. They both weren't cut out for the world of ZA I guess. Still poor Mika. What a way to go! To be murdered by your own psycho sister. I don't understand how Lizzie could kill her and think it was ok, because she was going "come back." She really really lost it! It was haunting to see her standing there with blood all over her hands with a knife. Then she admitted she was going kill Judith too and have her "come back"! Just wow! I can't believe she went that nuts, but we all knew it was coming. I kind of wish they had fleshed out her state of mind a bit more in a few more eps, but oh well. 

Carol and Tyrese's decision to off Lizzie was a smart one. I at first thought maybe it would be a good idea just to leave her at the grove, but then I thought she would probably follow them or the zombies would end up getting her. Then it was just no way you could trust her around anybody. Just sleeping around her would be a risk. Shooting her was the most humane thing thing they could do I guess. Horrible and chilling, but humane. When she told her to "look at the flowers Lizzie" I knew it was going pretty much end that way. Makes you not want to look at flowers almost. lol Great acting in that scene too!

As for Carol and Tyrese, I thought the confession came at the perfect timing and was wrapped up nicely! I don't know if I could forgive her myself, but I guess after all that happened he had to. It was closure for him as well. I don't think they'll be talking or getting along as much anymore, but I think they can manage now as a group.

Now for Darly and Beth. They had a whole freaking episode dedicated to them and part of another episode after that. Gotta kind of sick at looking them for a min. Daryl revealing what he did before ZA was a bit anti-climatic, but it was kind of funny since all the fans were wondering who he was. Who was he? Just a drifter. lol Was nice to see Daryl open up for once and show emotion again also. I do think the drinking they did and them setting the cabin on fire was really stupid. Risky too. I personally would of stayed at the cabin for a bit and skipped the drinking to keep alert, but maybe that's just me. I would totally be no fun in the ZA I guess. xP 

The fight scene in the funeral home with Darly was really cool. Not sure what the longing gaze between him and Beth was about, but I really hope the writers aren't trying to make a romance with them. EW! I would find that relationship more disturbing than if he ended up with Carol. No. Just no!

Anyway, Beth got kidnapped and Daryl is with the gang that evaded Rick's & co. house/hangout. Wonderful. >_> I feel sorry for Daryl. He's with a bunch of psychos! Poor him. As for Beth, meh! Not really worried about her. Just curious who grabbed her. I hope they don't plan on spending the whole next season hunting her down like they did with Sophia.

As for Maggie & co., Sasha determination to stay put drove me nuts and I didn't understand why Maggie was laying around on the ground. I think the only thing I liked about that ep was Daryl's fight scene in the funeral home and Maggie killing walkers with a street sign. A freaking street sign! Epic! As for anything else, Bob kissed Sasha. What I was hoping wouldn't happened. *gags*

I hope I covered everything. A lot of stuff was answered and the season is almost already, soooo...

Stuff I'm hoping to see before the season ends....
-The sanctuary place on the train tracks. Just a peek at least.
-Who grabbed Beth
-Daryl getting away from the evil gang

Stuff I'm predicting for the finale....
-Everyone makes it to the sanctuary
-Something goes down with Daryl and the gang
-We get to see who's behind the sanctuary and what's to come

Will be posting about next ep probably. Only 2 eps left! That was fast. -_-

P.S. Burned smoking zombies are awesome!!!!


  1. i have mixed feelings about Terminus. its sounds.. ominous. even the name makes it sounds sketchy. but i suppose its something to shoot for. they need something to hope for now, that they have all lost everything. i wonder if any of them will end up finding each other before they make it there? and how awesome is the new guy glen found? i am looking forward to more of that fella

  2. As nice it would be for them to have a stable and safe home again, I can't see it working out for them either .I'm thinking that Terminus is going be a 2nd Woodbury. Perfect and nice looking from the outside, but dark and twisted on the inside with some very demented people behind it. I do think they'll all meet up there, but I don't know if it'll be a happy reunion.

    I'm also looking forward learning more about the new guy Abe and his group. And YAY you watching TWD too. AWESOME! :D


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