Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I fell off the wagon right into 3 different comps. WTF?!

Please tell me how I got myself into 3 different modeling comps at a time? I don't know how this happen, but 3 amazing comps popped up and I couldn't say no. I just couldn't! So many amazing comps just seem to pop up all at the same time! WHYYYYY????

Well if it makes me look less of a shameful comp addict, I'm not overwhelmed with them at the moment and they shouldn't be getting in the way of blogging and my legacy. Why? Because I've already finished my mock entries for 2 of them and I did them really quick. If I can keep up that pace, I should be fine.

Comp #1: Seeing Double
Twinsies Alan and Alex Carter

Comp #2: Going Vogue - A Haute Couture Modeling Competition
Model: Rachel Wells

Comp #3: Vocalz: Battle of the Bands
TBA! I just joined this and haven't got around to making a band.

To check out my mocks for the first 2, click read more.

Seeing Double is a comp where the models are twins if you haven't picked up on that from my models. "It's wide open, focusing on all things from high fashion ads to sibling rivalry." I was planning do something like this for one of my own comps, so I had to join!

Mock Assignment: The mock is all about mirror images- you'll have to show the similarities between the sims using a prop (AKA a mirror) 

Going Vogue is a comp focusing on "high fashion modeling that will follow different themes each week." Pretty simple. I've been wanting to do more high fashion comps, so this came up at the perfect time.

Mock Assignment: "Gothic Glam"- In this assignment, you will need to pose your model in something deadly. Deadly gothic that is. Pose your model in a tasteful way, showing off some gothic/dark fashion.

I was a bit rusty, but I managed to pull off some decent pictures. The 1st mock I did with the guys was a bit challenging and it took a min to figure out how I wanted to do it, but I did ok. The 2nd mock with Rachel was totally random and was my 2nd desperate idea after someone already did my 1st. I'm now glad it was taken, because this may be one of my favorite pictures I've done in awhile. Well depending on scores it might be my favorite. lol I'll post scores for these whenever we get them and if I somehow manage to make an awesome punk band for the 3rd comp, I'll let you know. :P

In the meantime, going clean out my cc folder of stupid ugly hair I seem to be hoarding and dive back into my legacy. If I don't get too lazy that is. 

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