Thursday, March 20, 2014

✧Seeing Double - Mock Scores ✦

1st: Vid with Alex and Alan
Mock assignment - Mirror Image
"I'm usually uptight compare to Alex, but it only took one night of partying with him to unravel my composure. To bring out my dark side. I guess we're more alike than we think."

Luce Says:
20/-20 Styling
10/-10 Creativity
10/-10 Requirements Met
8/-10 Quality
18/-20 Twin Cohesiveness (Do they look good together)
This photo is absolutely amazing, Vid! The write up you did explained everything so well! The set with the pill bottles and drinks, the hungover looking twins… great job! Complaints= none!

Piffle Says
19/-20 Styling
10/-10 Creativity
10/-10 Requirements Met
10/-10 Quality
20/-20 Twin Cohesiveness (Do they look good together)
This is one of my favourite photos; I love the creative angle you took and incorporated an interesting story along with it. The quality of this photo is really nice as well! The only really small gripe (and it's seriously minor) is I wish it had more clutter like dirty clothes, more bottles to give me more of a sense that this was a rocking party. Overall, really strong mock, can't wait to see more~!
Total: 135/140 

I got 1st!!!!! AHHHHHH! I'm so freaking happy! When I posted my picture I wasn't really sure if I did it right and then when I saw the other pictures, I began to think I should of did more. I was even a little rusty too doing this picture. I had to remind myself to cut "free will" and "headlineeffects" off. I also was wondering if I should of looked at it in a high fashion way rather than taking a bit of a story route, but I guess I did really good! :)

My first idea wasn't this, because I actually was doing it wrong in my head at first. I was going use an archway and have them looking at each other as if it was a mirror, but then I realized the requirements was to have one in an actual mirror and the other looking away from it. After reading it over again and seeing the other people's assignments, I realize what I had to do. I rebuild my set as I had a set for original idea and that set was a bedroom. I decided to switch it to a study/office like setting. I added the required prop which was a mirror and designed to look like my twins had partied the night before. The core idea of one twin being a bad influence on the other was already the main idea of this assignment, so it was just a matter of changing my way of thinking when it came to the setting.

It ended up turning out exactly like I wanted. Even the poses! I didn't plan to use those poses, but I had them in my game at the time and decided to use them over the ones I originally chose. Not only did they work for my story, but the two poses are almost the same in a freaky twin sort of way. Didn't even notice till after I posted it. lol I love it! So happy the judges loved it too! :)

My next assignment is to show sibling rivalry and I'm not sure how I'm going show that. The example picture for the assignment shows two twin girls fighting over a guy and I would of love to done something like that with the genders switched of course, but it wouldn't be very creative for me do that now. Hmmm....what do men fight about? All I can think about is guys fighting over woman! lol I have other ideas, but I can't find poses for them. Ughhhh this one is going be frustrating!

P.S. I may dropout of the VOCALZ  comp I've signed up for, because 3 may be too many for me at the moment. Will make up my mind about it tomorrow. -_-


  1. Ha- well done on first place! I'm always interested in your competition pictures. It's great to see you using your creativity and clearly the judges were impressed too. Great idea for a competition isn't it- the twins angle. Looking forward to seeing the next picture you do. :)

  2. Thank you. I got 1st in another comp, so I seem to be on a roll. Well for now anyway. lol It's fun to have two of favorite things put together in one. Photography and sims. Plus it helps with stress when the game doesn't do it for me. Always happy to share my pics here tho and having your comments to read makes it even better. :D

    I really really love the whole twin concept for this comp. I got so many ideas for this one! :)


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