Monday, March 24, 2014

Going Vogue - Mock Scores

1st Place
Yes I managed to get 1st again. HOLY PLUMBOBS!

Vid - 103/105

Quality - 10/10
Appearance - 9/10
Requirements - 5/5
Creativity - 5/5
Setting - 5/5
Total - 34/35

Whoa Vid, this shot is creeptastic (is that a word?). Seriously, I loved the insane asylum theme. It isn't a typical gothic theme, but I encouraged creativity and you definitely brought it! The set is very well done, it flows very well, and your model does not look out of place. I even love how the dress has that whole asylum feel to it. The one thing that bugs me is that nose/ear chain, I don't like it that much, but that is just a personal preference. Overall, you did wonderfully on this mock Vid, and I can't wait to see what else you do in this competition!

Quality -10/10
Appearance -10/10
Requirements -5/5
Creativity -5/5
Setting -5/5
Total -35/35

Wow, very creative and evocative! Well done!

Quality -9/10
Appearance -10/10
Requirements -5/5
Creativity -5/5
Setting -5/5
Total -34/35

Whoa! You’ve gone above and beyond with this photo, for sure! It’s so creepy! Your theme of a gothic hospital is especially creative and is probably my favourite set in this assignment! I love the amount of detail! Your model herself is styled amazingly, and I can see the theme carried out in her clothes, too, with the straps. One thing I did notice is that her face looked really pale in comparison to her arms. But, amazing job, Vid! 

0_o I have no words. I don't think I ever got 1st in two comps back to back. Now watch me fail miserably next round. lol Kidding slightly.

Well this picture was a completely random desperate thought I had one night. My original ideas was going be set in victorian house with a fireplace, but then someone did a victorian setting with a fireplace. I immediately scrapped the idea. Went a little nuts for awhile googling ideas and looking at cc furniture. Then I stumbled upon the Club Crimsyn's insane asylum stuff (a set I've always been obsessed with) and then I was sitting in CAS recoloring a store dress to somewhat look like a straight jacket. I don't know which came first, but these two things seem to collide in my brain and I had an idea. I'm obviously insane to have thought of this insane idea, because it just weirdly came together. I found the nose ring at modthesims. Put her hair in a wrapped sort of style, but changed last min to a messy gorgeous cc hair. Took time to do her makeup for once. Then I went through my whole freaking pose list and settled on this one as she's holding her head and it had the best smexy face. I got the picture really really quick. Didn't think it was goth enough, went back to recreate it with different lighting, failed at it, and settled/took a risk with this one. Glad I did. It payed off!

I don't quite know why her face looks paler than her body. Don't really see it, but I didn't use any makeup to make it that way. Almost did. As for the nose ring, I thought it fit in with tortured devices in back and well I just wanted to use it. :P

The next picture is greek goddesses and my goddess is the goddess of fire. HELL YEAH! That's going be awesome and hard! I think I'm going use the same in-game coding technique I used for my finale pic with Henry in the vampire immorality comp. If I can get away with that, I won't have to edit any fire in. I tend to suck making fire look real in pics. I did finish assignment 1 for the twinsies comp I'm in today, so I'll be able to focus on that and the actual game now hopefully.

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  1. That's a picture straight out of a horror movie (apart from the model, who's gorgeous - but the set!). Scary. I'm not surprised it got first place.

    Goddess of Fire should result in some interesting pictures!


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