Friday, March 28, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry: An imaginary friend awakes and Nic's bday!

I'm baackkk with tons of pics! Thought I gave up on this didn't you? Nope. I cleaned out my cc folder of unwanted crap and I just took a small break. I played some last week, last night and today. I wasn't really looking for anything interesting to happen till baby Nic aged up, but I got a surprise right off the bat. This guy awoke. I totally forgot about him. lol

Daniel had just finished looking under his bed for monsters, so the company was needed.
Their first meeting.
Daniel ended up sleeping in the spare room, because of the monsters. The doll went back to it's normal state. It does that when he's sleeping. B/w this room will probably become his brother's when he grows up into a child.
He woke up later to pillow fight with the IF.
He eventually went back to his room and put this on. A pink dino? xD
Daniel tried to make the IF his butler, but the damn thing walks way to slow. I was so happy when it finished cleaning up.
As for the adults, they celebrated their first anniversary. I didn't know they had anniversaries. Cute.
Since they're busy parents, they decided to celebrate the day by woohooing in the tree house.
Ewww. Good thing Daniel doesn't know.
More play time with the IF.

Daniel told his dad about his little friend, but dad of course didn't believe him.
Birthday time for his lil bro then finally came. Nicolas is going to be a toddler. Woooo!
Cute, but the outfit and hair is a major no!
Looking pass the fugly clothes and such, he looks like his dad a bit. The nose especially. 
*dusts off old pic* See....
OMG I so gotta get a pic of them together. Next time! Anyway, I took time to compare him to his brother.
*dusts off old pic of Daniel" 
So far I'm leaning more toward Nic being my heir, but we're see as time goes on.
Like his brother, he's adorable. He has some really pretty eyes too. I think he gets that from mom.
Awwww! Henry's mini me.
He's also evil, so he should grow up to be pretty interesting.
Meanwhile his brother's IF is creeping me out a bit. Follows him EVERYWHERE! Even the bathroom.
Nicolas got a IF doll too, but I can't delete it and I lost it somewhere. If I see it again, it's going to the trash.
This is a classmate of Daniel's by the way. She came over to play. Thank goodness she has normal hair and clothes.
His creepy IF is quite a stalker though. I had him shoo it away, but it continued to follow him.
After that, his classmate went home (I think) and Henry read Daniel a bedtime story.
I'm really glad EA didn't break this interaction. So sweet. :)
Well that's it for now. Won't be posting pics till Nicolas grows up into child. If something else eventful does happen, I'll post pics. 

P.S. Totally forgot. I got 8 sim days till Daniel grows up into a teen, so I'll probably post more when his bday comes. :)


  1. Ha! That doll thing is as freakish as I'd hoped lol! Next time I get one I'm going to make the poor kid talk to it day and night to make sure it comes to life. They are just so weird-looking. I don't get it. The doll looks like a clown or a bit like an alien, but it's just plain creepy when it starts moving round like a sim and FOLLOWING PEOPLE. Waaaaarrrrrrrgh!


  2. Aha I think even Daniel might even be annoyed with it. I have to make him play with it most of the time. He does get a breather at least when he goes to school, because it stop short right outside the door and watches him get on the school bus. Not sure if it will follow him to non-rabbit hole places though. I hope not.

    It's definitely a freaky little creature and the strut he does gets really old real fast. Part of me almost doesn't want him..or maybe her to become a real sim.

    By the way, the IF usually shows up for me when they're toddlers and it's super easy to make them friends then. Hopefully you're next one comes then and it works out for you, so you can have your own little creepy stalker. ;)


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