Sunday, December 20, 2015

Updating all my blogs....

I finally picked a theme for my tumblr. Just need a banner to finish it off.

As for this blog, I deleted a lot blogs from my blog list. Alot of them haven't been updated in years. I did keep a few around as the owners might wander back to them, but I thought it was kind of waste of space to keep blog links around that haven't been updated in 2-3 years. If your blog was deleted and you want it back on the list, just let me know. Just know that I didn't delete it because I don't love you anymore. It just means you been gone to damn long or it was unfortunate accident! lol

Oh and I also deleted the "CC I used..." section. That was for when this was mostly a cc sharing blog. You can find most the things I use on the "sites I go to" list here and my custom blog.

Speaking of Vidkid20 Customs, that isn't going anywhere. I'm going use it more for a backup for my tumblr blog probably. I get more traffic and feedback for my cc there. Well so it seems since I only got one thing on there. xD

Now next on my to-do list is my legacy and a new pose pack. All legacy updates and ramblings will be here mostly. The tumblr is no way replacing this blog, so don't worry. :P

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