Monday, December 7, 2015

Dark Shadowz Cycle 10- A2 Scores

4th Vid &Ethan
Sitting pretty in 4th again. Oh wellz.
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79.5 points
Photo Quality: 8/10
Photo Presentation: 7/10
Creativity of Photo: 7.5/10
Creativity of Story: 14/15
Relation to Assignment: 4/5
Total: 40.5/50
I really like this interesting idea and the story is great. Your photo has some very interesting qualities to it (like the eye thing, the candles and the chalk drawing) but it doesn’t really come off as a dark seduction photo. I don’t mean lighting, but it’s just not as dark as I would have liked.

Photo Quality: 7/10
Photo Presentation: 7/10
Creativity of Photo: 7/10
Creativity of Story: 14/15
Relation to Assignment: 4/5
Total: 39/50
I really like the idea behind the story and picture! I really like the selective lighting and the extras, they all go together well. My only complaint is that this doesn’t really come off dark to me, and the picture is rather casual compared to what happened in the story. However, the point still comes across and I love the eye effect going on, good job!

I like this entry, but I knew it wasn't seductive or dark. I just couldn't imagine Ethan as sexy and I had hard time making him into alluring creature. I tried to write it as believable as I could. Maybe I should have stayed with my previous idea of making him over as an incubus.

Well this idea/story anyway was based off the urban legend Bloody Mary. I want to continue my story through the different assignments, so I didn't want Ethan's seductive transformation to be something permanent. So I figured it would be fun to have Ethan be possessed by a sex crazed demon who hypnotizes his friends to lust over him. Sounds fun right?

I couldn't find the poses I wanted though, so it didn't turn out as sexy as I wanted. Thankfully I'm on the road to making my own poses.

I think the setting is only thing that worked out for me. It looks like a living room a guy in their 20s would design. It was super fun to do. I need to try my hand at building houses again.

The next assignment is this: Babadook. I have never heard of it and I'm not sure if my idea will work for it. I hope. I'm lucky to have any idea honestly. Might try making two poses for it, so I don't have to waste too much time looking for specific poses like I did for this round.

As for the story....
I never been a romantic and romance was definitely not on my mind after my incident with the shadow. I was safe and sound in my body now. Safe and sound in my room. I had no intentions of going out at least for a month or two, but my best friend and roommate Shawn was persistent. He was determined for me to go out on the town with him, his girlfriend, and her friend. It all sound like harmless fun, but I refused the offer as I had a bad feeling about it. Finally somehow we reached an agreement that he would "bring the party to me". I don't know how he manage to get me to agree with that even, but he always had a way of charming me into doing stuff I didn't want to do.

So Nancy and Marci joined us that evening. It was to a bit of a double date type of set up. Both girls were pretty, but starkly different from each other. Nancy was tall, blonde, caked with makeup and loud mouthy. She had been dating Shawn for a month now. Marci was small, red headed, freckled and extremely shy with glasses. She was my date. I barely knew her. We locked eyes for only second before sitting down on the couch awkwardly beside each other. Shawn sat down in our beat up recliner beside the couch with Nancy on his lap.

The evening started off normal. Me and Shawn playfully argued about what DVD to watch. Nancy and Marci giggled about girl stuff. Nothing too unusual. I was happy and comfortable despite a few nerves, but things quickly went downhill from there when Nancy brought out a Ouija board and some salt. "What the F is that?!," Shawn shouted as he came from the kitchen with more beers. Nancy had explained to us she was into the occult. Witches, spirits, and demons. Anything supernatural. She told us she felt a strong spiritual presence around me. I laughed nervously at her trying discourage her from such thoughts, but she seemed to be bent on conjuring up something that night. She set a Ouija board on our coffee table as she moved it out that way and then she made a big circle with a pentagram in it with salt. When she was done she sat down beside me and asked us to hold hands around the circle. Shawn who seemed to be more amused than frighten rolled his eyes at the request and reached out for Nancy hand from his seat.

"Do you know the urban legend of this boring little town we live in. The tale that keeps bad little boys and girls like us from doing it before marriage. I'll make this quick since you should know it." Nancy quipped. The room grew quiet. "Centuries ago there once was a boy named Lucas. He was known for seducing all the girls in this very town, but there was one special girl he wanted. The farmers' untouched daughter. Some say he sold his soul to the devil to woo any girl of his choosing. While others say his family was into blood magic. Anyhow...after much effort he won the heart of the girl and broke it without remorse or regret. He was onto the next poor soul on his list before she can even open her eyes to see the morning sun or him for that matter. She was distraught and embarrassed. So the next morning the farmer's daughter was found hanging in the barn by her neck. She had killed herself. The farmer knew the boy was the last to see her. Grief stricken and furious, he sought revenge. He set the boy's house ablaze alive while the boy laid in bed with another girl he had charmed. They say you can still hear their screams in the night at the top of the highest hill and that his family escaped to cast a curse on the town. Some even say that the boy didn't die due this curse, but he became a demon or phantom incubus that haunts girls who live here. They say if you close your eyes and whisper "Love me Lucas. Kiss me one last time" 3 times, he will come. Sometimes in the form of a ghost or sometime in the form of a demon or even in a love one's body. All he wants is one last conquest. One last lover.....""This is dumb," Shawn mumbled under his breath shaking his head. I didn't know what to think. I sat quietly as only her and Marci said the words. Shawn shot me a dirty look so I didn't join in, but I felt weird as the chant went on. I don't remember much after the last word was spoken. I remember someone calling my name over and over again. Was it Shawn? I also remember my body feeling hot overwhelmed with weird passion and lust. A feeling that I had never quite felt before. When I woke up from whatever had happened I was on the couch still, but the girls were looking at me horrified. Their shirts unbutton and their hair tossed everywhere. Even my shirt was unbutton. As for Shawn, he was in front of me on the floor with his hands on my face looking bewildered whispering my name. All I could say was 'What happen? Is something wrong?'

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