Monday, December 7, 2015

On Location Cycle 3- A4 Scores

1st Place
Your location: The Future/ Skycrapers
Client's Challenge: Metallic Accessories and Robotic Mannequins
1st place again! Yeeesssssss! *does the 1st place shuffle*
 B/w if you want to see the other entries, click here.

Lady Gaga anyone? Lol Kelly looks great. The pose and that jumpsuit are what mad eme think Gaga – but Kelly looks better! Out of all the robots used, your fembots are my favorite. They are amazingly edited – that chrome exterior is phenomenally entrancing, and they do sort of look like they’re posing in a music video shoot with Kelly. I think the client was going more for a high fashion, futuristic sophisticated look, but this is still an excellent photo!

I love the suit and overall look, very stylish and futuristic, and the accessories go well with the outfit. The robots look great as well, but I wish the city behind the model was more futuristic. I don’t see anything else wrong though, so great job!

Holy freaking plumbob! I hope I can keep up this level of awesomeness! I didn't think I would get 1st again. This was soooooo last min. It might not look it, but it was. I was doing it on the due date sweating bullets and I was still sort of late. 

Well what held me up was the background. I could not find a background to save my life. I knew it was no way in hell I was going do this in-game and have some sanity left or have a good pic. Finding a stock background was a must. I spent days looking for one. I lucked up last min and found the one above. 

I also for some stupid reason wanted to use plumbots and I really haven't use them much at all. I didn't realize how cartoony they were, so of course they didn't fit in with my model when I did put them beside her. I wasted a lot time fooling around with them.

Thankfully my model was styled and ready to go with a specific pose in mind. I would have been in deep doo doo if I hadn't done that. The outfit is a outfit I found on Sunny CC finds and it's based on something Lady Gaga wore. I wanted to recolor it silver, but it wouldn't let me. Luckily it stands out more in black. Anyway, the hair and glasses was an easy choice. Then I edited some metallic accessories in as I did not want to miss a requirement. 

The robots was another lucky find. I wanted male robots, but I didn't want to use the same robots as someone. Finally I settled on the these shiny female ones. 

My dad said that my model looks like Beyonce in this photo, which irritates me a lot. Not a fan! lol She unfortunately looks like Beyonce again in the new photo I did today, so ughhhh. -_- I like my new photo tho.

Speaking of the new photo and assignment, we were asked us to do Bohemian fashion outdoors and our models had to be interacting with a prop. I chose a camera and I made my own pose for it. I made like 4 different poses, because I couldn't make up mind. lol Probably be my first pose pack. xD

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