Monday, December 7, 2015

Faery Fae- Cycle 3- A7 Scores

4th place (TIE)

80 points
A lot happier with my photo this round.
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Creativity: 9/10
Quality: 8/10
Creature Influence: 10/10
Total: 27/30
This is a great photo. I love how blissfully insane Nora looks on the ground! It’s a great facial expression. I also think it’s very cool that you showed her place of tranquility to be a gravesite! I personally liked the angle and whatnot because it gave us a very insane feel and that’s perfect for Nora :)

Creativity: 7/10
Quality: 9/10
Creature Influence: 10/10
Total: 26/30
Nora looks at home laying next to skeletons and gravestones. I love your creative direction you took with this photo. I thought your styling was really well done, love her hair. Also I love the pose as well. I just feel like the angle was wrong in this shot. Perhaps if it was directly above it would have been more stronger. I like your assignment this week, good job!

​Creativity: 9/10
Quality: 8/10
Creature Influence: 10/10
Total: 27/30
I love this! I think you nailed this, I love her red hair all over the place, the styling and the background. I do wish she was a bit more blended into the ground, just because it kind of looks like she’s floating. I think you did good with the dress too! The bottom is a little iffy from cutting it out though, so watch for that with transparent dresses!
I'm yet again shocked that I made it another round. Well not as shocked as before, but surprised. lol

Nora, my murderous redcap fairy had to show off her place of solitude this assignment. Her being peaceful isn't really an image that comes to mind, but I managed to mix solitude with morbidness. 

I'm literally running out of ideas, so I like "what haven't I done? A graveyard? Nope haven't done it." That's literally how my thought process went. l thought a graveyard would be a nice morbid place of solitude for her. Then I got the idea to shoot it above her laying down in the graves with her hair spread out underneath her. I wanted it to be pretty and creepy. xD

I didn't do much editing. Applying filters, fixing hues, and lighting was the major stuff. It look pretty awful without it. >_< Then the hair, which was stock hair. Basically I managed to do a pic that wasn't a complete pain in butt and it was mostly in-game. Woooo! 

I don't get how it looks like it's floating b/w. I did the actual posing in-game and she was flat on the ground with that pose. -_-

The next assignment is to make Nora over into a fierce warrior. TBH I'm so freaking scared of this assignment. The editing from my fellow contestants is going insane!!! Like ehhhh I don't even know where to start. >_<

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