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Senior High Cycle 3: Underworld Campus - A9/Semi Finale Scores

Note: Forgot to add my story to the end of my last post for this, but I fixed that. Story at the end of this too. 

A9: Senior Prom Gone Wrong
Yay! 2nd! Editing the lighting in this photo was a pain. xD

88 points
 Creep Factor: 5/5
 Story Creativity: 8/10
 Story Cohesion: 9/10
 Image/Story Cohesion: 9/10
 Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
 Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
 Total: 45/50
 This was super cool! I see that Luna is now no longer a pushover afraid of everyone and everything. She’s fierce and even if her past scares her, she seems to be embracing her newfound identity. I thought this was great and this will be an interesting ending. Your photo was awesome – I especially liked the merman guy…he’s just standing there with his drink like “What?” lol

 Creep Factor: 5/5
 Story Creativity: 8/10
 Story Cohesion: 8/10
 Image/Story Cohesion: 8/10
 Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
 Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
 Total: 43/50
 WOW!! What a story!! Poor naïve Luna is gone, now replaced with the new, fiercer model! I hope she can live with her new self! Love your photo! Everyone looks appropriate and Luna looks fierce! I also love all your lighting! Great vibe with this photo!

The assignment for this one was the prom obviously. A prom gone wrong! Bwhahahaha!

Meh I didn't go to my prom and I don't regret it, but I was really excited to do a prom theme photo this round. :P

The assignment was pretty much summed up in the title. Show your model at the prom and make it go terribly wrong! (Oooo I rhymed!) We were also asked to tie up some loose ends in our stories as this was the semi-finale. I had an general idea of what to do with those loose ends and the theme. I never revealed Keith's powers or much of Luna past, so I thought it was about time to reveal those secrets. Keith powers was always meant to reveal Luna's bloody past. Making up the "gone wrong" scenario with Luna's rage from seeing such visions was easy. Too bad for Keith that included him as a victim. lol As for Tabby, I was always planning to hook her up with Keith anyway. This just was just another excuse to turn her against Luna. Oh the drama! ;P

I'm not crazy about my setting, but it was best I could do and I kept having issues with my sims doing things I didn't ask them to do. I have photo evidence for one of those fun times. Anyway, I think the lack of prom in my life and the lack of sims contribute to my not so stellar setting. I also was having trouble with my lighting and the whole room was too bright. I had to tent the crap of it in editing to get the room this dark. I'll say just the overall setting serves a purpose, but could of been better.

As for the extras, I wanted the prom king and queen day ruined by the commotion. Kind of my nod to Carrie and the 90's movie Jawbreaker, and some other 90ish movies. 

My styling is kind of inspired by Jawbreaker and the 90ish teen movies. Very cheesy prom-tastic dresses. Luna is the only one I dressed differently, because I wanted her to flaunt her new sexy and dark attitude. The boy's styling is self-explanatory. Who cares anyway! I kid! I kid. lol 

Shout out to Jazz Hands for the accessory wand by the way!!!

I don't think I would of had any problem with sims wanting to do their own thing if I hadn't had to wait for the stupid queen to pose with the insane trait. She's only one not in a custom or EA pose. I don't know how I lived without the pose player back in the day!

Then the rest of the magic is editing. The wand effect, the fairy wings, the scratches, and the blood are all fun add ons.

The next assignment is the finale! Woooo! I have to wrap everything up and I got free range to do what I please with my ending. I have somewhat of idea, but it's not all there. Hopefully it comes soon, because the due date is right around the corner. 

I knew it was hopeless when I stopped running. I knew she was gone. I had loss her and she had loss me. If I had kept running it would became a game of cat and mouse. My mouth watered at the thought. So I turned around that night and never looked back. I didn't look for her in the halls. I didn't ask about her. I let her be, because she was better off without me. She was safer.

Then the night of the prom came. I hadn't planned to go. I didn't fit in with the rest now. I didn't fit in with the nice docile creatures anymore, but I was asked to go. Grey of all people asked me out of the blue. Our conversation turned into the usual argument, but he seemed adamant about me going. I suspect he just wanted to see me all dolled up in a tight little dress. Maybe he even thought he would get some action. He was a boy after all. While I rolled my eyes at such a thought, it didn't take me long to cave. I had nothing else to do that night and the girl in me had always been curious when it came to high school traditions such as the prom, so I went. I went knowing nothing of the horrors I would caused that night or what I would learn unfortunately.

My choice of styling was unusual for me, but considering all the changes in me I didn't think much about it. I chose a tight black and white dress with heavy dark makeup. I looked underdressed compare to the other girls. I got quite a few stares as we walked in. Grey was dressed very casual as well compared to the boys, but he looked nice for once. We stood in the middle of the dance floor for a second staring at all the decorations. The gym was completely transformed. It looked like a fancy ballroom or club. Our art teacher, Mr. Pascal had did well. He ranted and raved about the thing for months, but we no idea it would be this spectacular. Then something caught my eye. A certain witch. Tabitha! She was standing with a few other talking with a glass in her hand. Grey followed my gaze and grabbed my hand squeezing it hoping to get my attention, but I pulled away from him. I'm sure he grabbed for me, but I was too determined. I kept going in the direction of Tabitha.

"Tabby, your pet is coming. Better watch out!," I heard one of the girls in her group say while giggling. They all laughed then, but Tabitha wasn't amused. She looked in my direction and glared. She then excused herself quickly and stormed off to the bathroom before I could get a word in. I ran after her and found her there fixing her hair.

"Leave me alone, Luna." she quietly said in a sad tone.

"Please....I just want to talk. I'm...." I choked out feeling a bit teary eyed.

"No. Just go. Just leave."

"But why?" I cried reaching out for her shoulder.

Before I could touch her, she turned around glaring at me again and pointed her wand in my face. "Get away from me!" she screamed. "Get out of here! You're not human anymore. Ever since that guy.... Just go! Stay away from me you beast!"

I felt hot tears grace my face, but I backed away. I backed out the bathroom slowly getting distance between us and found myself in the hallway again. Keith was standing near the lockers dressed in a tux. He appeared to be waiting for something or someone, but I immediately grabbed his attention.

"You know I was wrong about you and Tabitha. I thought she might try to use you, but that's when I thought you were innocent. You're the one who's bad news!"

"What?" I murmured wiping tears from my eyes.

"I know what you did. I know you killed them! Don't play dumb!"

"What are you talking about?" I shouted. I peered into his face feeling a rush of anger and pushed him into the lockers. Then I felt a pain I never felt before. Visions. Memories. A flood of them rushing into my mind. The red I spoke of the day I introduced myself. The blackness. It was all clear now. The feeling of sticky blood under my fingernails. The taste of flesh in my teeth. It was all real. I even saw the corpse that laid at my feet and the corpse...the corpse look like my father.

I screamed in pain demanding the visions to stop. I was clutching onto Keith's jacket with all my strength and I let go stumbling backwards. The pain immediately subsided. "I touched you and....How did you do that? How do you know? Tell me what you did?! I yelled.

He looked frightened. "I...I...don't...I don't know. I don't know anything. I just...I just see them...." he stuttered. He look at the door to the gym and bolted for it. I followed catching him easily.

"See what? What are you? Tell me everything!" I growled loudly feeling a surge of pain again and intense heat. I was changing. I knew this feeling quite well now, but the visions were flashing in my head again. Visions of corpses laying amongst my playroom in nicely ironed uniforms with blood spattered on them. Then my mother's voice sighing. "Luna, not again. This is the 2nd time this week. We can't keep hiring people for you to....nevermind."

I closed my eyes and opened them to see Keith staring into my face. As we stared into each other eyes, I could see people happily dancing around us. I feared that they saw the visions too when they all suddenly stopped, but they stood in attention gazing at the stage at Mr. Pascal. He was holding a crown and he was speaking into the mic excitedly. "Ok kids! Time to announce the winners! This is so exciting! I know you can't wait. I can't! This year prom queen and king is---

"I see spirits. I see them even now behind you, but they come to me warning me about you. You must see them now too or remember what you did now that were touching. That's why you need to stay away from Tabitha. You need stay away from all of us before you hurt someone again," Keith whispered.

"Nooo!" I screamed as cheers erupted from the crowd.

"Please let me go! I won't tell anyone. Please don't kill me! " he said wincing.

"I didn't do anything! Their lies! All lies! " I roared!

Then a guttural sound escaped my throat and I raised my hand. Without a thought I slashed into Keith's face. Blood spilled onto the floor. The crowd who were cheering and clapping for the new king and queen stopped. They all stared at me and screamed. In a split second they were all running towards the doors and Grey was calling out for me. Keith had dropped to the floor rolling around in pain grabbing his face while I watched the others run, but he was completely still now. I bent down smelling his fresh blood and I began to lapping it up like a dog, but then I heard Tabitha's voice.

"What did you do to him? Keith? Keith?," she shirked. She bent down to clutch his face and began sobbing. "All he wanted to do was take me to the prom and you killed him!" She stood up pulling out her wand as quickly as she did before and pointed it at me. I had already stood up by this time and took it upon myself to lick my fingers, but I bared my fangs when I saw the wand. Grey who had found me in the midst of the chaos stood behind me ready to attack as well.

"Wait! Stop! Where are you all going?! Brittney screamed distracting me. "This is my day and you four ruined it!"

Her, the merboy now prom king, Mr. Pascal and a few others stood watching us. They all looked horrified, but popular girl Brittany seemed annoyed. She straightened her crown pointing her finger at me and I turned towards her licking my lips. Before I could charge or pounce on her for a taste, I felt something strike me. I saw a flash of green and my body fell limp. I looked over at Grey who was now laying not too far away from me. The force had stuck him too. Then I heard Tabaitha's voice. She was saying incarnations and she stood above me pointing her wand at me. My eyes grew wide as everything became hazy and blurred. Then everything went black....

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