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Senior High Cycle 3: The Underworld Campus - A8 Scores (Oops! Added Story!)

A8: Class Presentation
I still can't believe I got 1st! I was such a mess when doing this.

95 points
Creep Factor: 4/5
Story Creativity: 8/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 46/50
This was really nicely done, Vid. I love that you’re showing conflicting emotions within Luna – and honestly I like this side of Luna too. I almost wish you’d really played up the wolf side of her – like maybe seeing Grey bite into the dummy sparked something in Luna to join in and then Tabitha saw what happened. That would have been more jarring and I think might have shocked Luna to realize she’s going down a dark path. Oh, oh! And is there some kind of hidden past between Grey and Tabitha? Or just the whole ancestor slavery thing? Anyway, this was good.

gnXaRvU.png Maggie
Creep Factor: 5/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 49/50
Love this Vid! Although I am sad to see that it looks like sweet Luna might be gone forever. I loved your story and the connection between all of your stories. I also adored you photo and your presentation.

I don't like my story and I'm not crazy about the whole idea, but I manged to get 1st. I threw it together, so no real ideas went into this. I just wanted to get it done and not drop. 

I think the only thing that was semblance of a idea was the choice of classroom and classmates. I've been describing this class as a whole as gruesome and gross in my story. I was kind of dying to do depict it visually. I just didn't know what do with it when it came to a class presentation. Plus I was just an anxiety filled mess at the time. My mind was in a complete fog. 

Only after doing the assignment did I think of a good idea. Oh well. I was able to build on the loss friendship in my story for the next one, so it's not a total loss. Plus I got 1st. I am my worse critic, so it's probably not that bad.

As for the photo, I didn't really do much editing. The cotton and the chalkboard. Everything else is in-game and I didn't put much thought into it really. Just did my best with the poses and cc I had. I do like my photo, so I did put some thought into I guess.

The next assignment was to show my model at the prom and not just any prom. It had to be a prom gone wrong! Bwhahaha! I thought of Carrie instantly, but I didn't go that route. Hmmm...I guess you can say it's inspired by the teen movies of the 80s or 90s. I can't remember which movie, but I went for that vibe. You'll see. I finished it today and it's due tomorrow, so I didn't have to rush. Wooooo!

P.S. The next assignment is the finale, so it's almost over! :o

I haven't talked to Tabitha since yelling at her in the hallway. It's not that I haven't tried, but we haven't crossed paths since then. I suspect she's avoiding me. Can't really blame her. Lots of horrid things have been said about me since being caught in the Spells & Portions room. I've been called so many horrible names. I know one name I hear a lot starts with S and ends with a T. I won't say the word as I refuse to have detention again (thanks Dean for adding 2 weeks more), but I'll just say that it's upsetting.

Grey is also not pleased with the attention. He even threatened to beat up quite a few people these past few weeks. Some even in my honor. Our relationship is weirdly comforting. I'm not even sure what the nature of our relationship is sometimes, but we have made out a few times (outside of schools grounds of course) and we talk now. The things we talk about now consist of his interest like sports and my past life...well what I remembered of my past life. That and the circus. Then they are times where we talk about Tabitha and we disagree a lot about her. He always telling me that I'm better off without her. I ask him why and he just mumbles something about her being a witch. I tried not take his words to seriously when he gets like that. I don't know much about our origins or history, but I feel like stuff like that should stay in the past. Well I thought it should anyway.

"So you're coming to Human Studies class tonight? You're going flunk out if you don't." he would say to me one day smirking at me in his baggy gym clothes. We were standing in the gym in that moment. I had lunch, but I didn't feel like eating alone again and thought he might want to sit with me again at lunch (he took Tabby's place at my table).

"I don't know. I guess so," I groaned.

"No guess so! You're going! You owe me for this!" he frowned gesturing to the wrestling tryouts at the back of the gym.

"You do know she didn't believe us, right? What sane person would think we were wrestling?!"

"Oh, I'm not giving Ms. RavenClaw the satisfaction. We were wrestling!" he said turning around to stare at the teacher in the stands.

"You're an i.d.i.o,t," I snapped back. Did I mention we argue a lot?

"And you're about to be a big ol' failure if you don't come to class and do this class presentation with me!" he retorted back smirking.

He then explained to me that this class presentation was a requirement for the class and I would have to do it if I didn't want to fail the class completely. He also mentioned Mrs. Crawls had paired us up for the project. I couldn't help, but roll my eyes at the thought of her pairing us together. I'm glad we get along now.

"Ok I'll go, but what do we have to do again?"

He explained the presentation to me as we walked through the darks halls that night. Everyone had to explain their origin/history in a creative way and the roles humans played in it. Grey had thought up the whole thing himself. He wanted us to act out our great ancestors in a interesting sort of play/speech. He even had costumes for us to wear. I was a little annoyed at thought of having little to no input in the thing, but I was glad I didn't have to think up anything on the spot or argue with Grey about it all.

When we got to the classroom, Mrs. Crawls was standing in the doorway as if she was waiting for us. She smiled clapping her hands together and welcomed us in. "Finally my favorite pair is here. I hope you two behaved yourselves on the way here." she smiled winking at us. When she turned her back, we both looked at each other and stuck our tongues out as if we were going be sick. Then we laughed causing her to shoot a puzzled look at us. Once we sat down at our seats, she turned to us pointing at the front of the room. "You're first!," she said excitedly.

Before I could ask why we were always first, Grey yanked me to the side of the room and gave me my lines. I had stayed up studying most of the stuff, so it wasn't as hard as it sounded. It took us only a few minutes to quarrel over the details and set everything up. The only thing that bothered me was the dummy we were using. It looked like a witch. Our ancestors had supposedly been enslaved by them or fought them, but I thought it was offensive and it made me think of Tabitha. Grey ensured me that it was just acting, but that didn't make me feel much better about it. Something inside me really missed her.

We then stepped in front of the class and I felt a touch of stage fright looking at my ghastly classmates. I hadn't quite seen them all from this angle or at the same time. They were more horrible looking than I imagined. They were rowdier than usual too. They hooted and yelled for us to start. Grey welcomed their demands with his first line. I found myself staring as he spoke them. It was easy to forget how handsome he was. He looked over at me as he spoke his last line and I jumped blurting out my lines as one jumbled sentence. He shook his head in annoyance when I was done and then looked at the dummy/witch doll we had as a prop. He held it up then bit into it making it's stuffing fall out. I cringed, but stayed in character as his features slowly changed to look more like his wolf-self. It was amazing he could he do it without the moon. Then I heard a gasp that appeared to garner everyone's attention.

It was Tabitha. She was standing in the doorway staring at us and the doll. "What was she doing here this late?" I thought as our eyes met.

"Ms. Tabitha, right? Do you need something?" Mrs. Crawls said sweetly as she sat up in her chair looking over Tabitha as if she was her next meal.

"No. I was looking for a friend, but I think I have the wrong class or maybe she's not here anymore," she said coldly. Before Mrs. Crawls could ask anymore questions, she bolted out the room. I ran after her. I didn't think. I didn't have time. I was horrified by what she had seen. I wanted to change. I wanted to embrace what I was, but not like this. I felt like everything was slipping

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