Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Simiverse Corp. Next Top Ad Designer: Cycle 1: A2 SCORES

3rd Team Vid = 93.5 
Sales Pitch: Are you looking for an adventure? An escape from the boring old routine? Well here at Ocean Tide Resorts we make it our job to bring you absolute euphoria! Lay out on our white sand beaches while gazing at it's crystal blue waters. Get the finest cuisine from the world's top chefs. Become accustomed to the true feeling of the perfect massage in our day spas. Then rest up in our beautiful spacious rooms while getting the most excellent service from our staff! You'll never want to leave and why should you? Everything you ever need is here at Ocean Tide! 
Aw phooey! I was shooting for 1st or 2nd at least! I spent so much time on this. Curses! Well 3rd isn't bad. xD 

Style 7.5/10
Presentation 5/5
Concept 5/5
Execution 4.5/5
Total: 22/25

Comments: This was a really great ad and the brochure looked awesome. There was a lot to see in the ad, tons of people enjoying themselves, and then your model off to the side front and center, just kind of hanging out. That pose would be perfect for a "Welcome to Ocean Tide Resort! Look at what we have to offer!" And then maybe bring in everyone just a bit more so that you don't have to squint to see all of them. The font for Ocean Tide, while cute, doesn't really cut it for this ad. I'd be looking for something more flowy and lazy. Really capture that relaxed look you have going on. Overall, well done!

Style: 8.5/10
Presentation: 5/5
Concept: 4.5/5
Execution: 4.5/5
Total: 22.5/25

Comments: This was awesome, Vid! I would love to vacation there! I did think that your model could have been styled differently. I different hair style and swim suit would have really changed the look. I also thought that the extras in the background were unnecessary. Since your scenery is so beautiful, the background should have focused more on that than all the extras. But overall, you did a fantastic job!

Team Vid Overall Score: 44.5 + 5 for bonus=49.5
This entry as a whole was hard, annoying and a long, long, long process. I did find it fun as Sunlit Tides is simply amazing and gorgeous, but I had a lot issues this week with comp pics. I can partly blame for being super ambition and a perfectionist though.
Well when Em posted this assignment, my mind instantly went to Sunlit Tides and and the beauty of it. I had just used the world for a sim I made, so it was like a sign telling me I must use it. So I was quite excited about this assignment. I found a proper location to play as my setting and went into CAS with a solid idea. I wanted the entry to be colorful, so I went with a multi-color bathing suit and of course pink hair! :P My model original hair color is purple, so I wanted to try a different color. I also thought a normal hair color wouldn't pop as well. Maybe I should of tried it, but I love her look!
The main pic in itself was done over, because I didn't want to have the same pose as another contestant. I also thought the extras in the back were just sitting around. Ironically I almost took them out! Ugh! It actually didn't take too long to recreate and change it around though. It was the brochure that caused the most problems.
I actually was kinda stumped as to how a brochure should look at first, but I figured it out came up with some ideas. I wanted it to have about 3 or 4 pictures showing the services there. One idea was an cansio, but that picture got cut out after editing. I also had a picture of them kissing on the beach, I figure I would get flack for that as it wasn't really a service. No matter the bed room and dinning pictures were last min ideas. B/w decorating the room was so much fun! As for the problems I encountered with it, it was mostly me feeling overwhelmed with all the pictures in it. 3 little pictures and 1 big one is ALOT to do when you're entry is about to be late. lol Then throw family time/mother's day in and that's quite a bit of pressure!
Oh and that font was all my doing! I got super excited when I found it and I thought it would go perfectly for a resort ad. Guess not! lol I did get the name idea from it, so I guess it wasn't a total flop.
Well overall, I'm quite thrilled with what I did in such rushed time! :)
The next assignment is ad campaigns dealing with social issues. I have an idea for it already. I just hope no one else does it.  >_<

Edit: The pic that almost made it through editing.
I now remember why I left out casino picture. The colors I used in it were quite fugly and would of clashed with the rest. 


  1. looks good to me :) *thumbs up*

  2. Doh! I forgot the sales pitch, which I was quite proud of typing out. lol

  3. I rather like the inclusion of some 'extras' in the background - otherwise the resort might look deserted.

    Anyway, well done on third place. Third is fine - if this were the Olympics, you'd be on the podium with a medal!


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